Anderson .Paak & The Free Nationals: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

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Watch Anderson .Paak & The Free Nationals play "Come Down", "Heart Don't Stand A Chance", "Put Me Thru" and "Suede" at the Tiny Desk.
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August 15, 2016 by BOBBY CARTER • Good luck trying to classify Anderson .Paak and his band The Free Nationals. Much of their sound is layered atop a soulful hip-hop foundation; from there, your safest bet is to call it a hodgepodge of genres in the best way possible. Guitarist Jose Rios and bassist Kelsey Gonzalez inject a hard-rock edge into the Hi-Tek-produced "Come Down," this set's opening number. When you hear them play the first few jazz chords of "Heart Don't Stand A Chance," it's hard to simply call this R&B.
It's been a slow build for .Paak, who released a few mixtapes before his 2014 debut album Venice. This year has marked his official breakout with Malibu, on which he did what so many in his position fail to do: He capitalized. After bursting into the spotlight with his appearances on Dr. Dre's Compton LP, he immediately prepped the release of Malibu. The album sculpted an entirely new lane for Anderson .Paak. He can rhyme with best of 'em, and his vocal styling, reminiscent of '70s and '80s greats, is invigorating when set against today's tender R&B elite. Before all that, he's a drummer-slash-bandleader.
I've experienced three separate presentations of this band. First, there's the recorded version, on which .Paak collaborates with some of hip-hop's finest producers. Then, their tight stage show hits you in the chest with 90-plus minutes of pure energy. In the midst of a whirlwind tour, they stopped by the Tiny Desk and reworked three cuts from Malibu, along with an audience request that shocked even them. They stripped down and pulled back just enough to fill the room.
Malibu is available now:
Set List:
"Come Down"
"Heart Don't Stand A Chance"
"Put Me Thru"
Producers: Bobby Carter, Niki Walker, Abby O'Neill; Audio Engineer: Josh Rogosin; Videographers: Niki Walker, Claire Hannah Collins, Nickolai Hammar; Production Assistant: Sophie Kemp; Photo: Cameron Robert/NPR.
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    1. Andrew Call
      Andrew Call
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      If "Rhyme and Punishment" isn't already the name of a hip-hop album, it should be.

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      Hip Hop?

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      Enjoying Anderson and the free nationals. Then a muppet shows up to cause trouble!!! Music sets you free!!

  2. William Rowland
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    Anyone notice he's singing without a jacket in the thumbnail? There's MORE THEYRE HIDING FROM US

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    Just found myself back here again!!

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    Can’t do them changes in time lessen yo got dem glasses man !

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    He seems to always be smiling. 😁 It just be his white teeth that shines whenever he opens his mouth.

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    protec this man at all cost. he's national treasure !

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    he'll be back there, and now with Bruno :)

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    Thanks Bruno......I’m loving this have I overlooked him omg..... I’m captivated....

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    Muy buenos! !!

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    yes lawd.

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    If silk sonic is anything close to this, we're all in for a treat

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    The raspy voice of paak is wonderful!!

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    I will forever love the keyboard players vibe

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    And you drank up all my liquor, c’mon, wha I’mma s’posed do now?

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    I think we need an official NPR Tiny desk spotify page

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    This is quite possibly the best performance of anything, ever.

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    I listen too this song every day

  26. Joshua Ingram
    Joshua Ingram
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    Man said, "simping" four years ago

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    밀양박씨 최대 아웃풋 정주행

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    Everyone who has FINALLY got onto this young man... took you long enough, but better late than never!

  29. Graham Belfield
    Graham Belfield
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    came to this late, after LTDO with Bruno. OMG, what a talent is Anderson

  30. melody chipfakacha
    melody chipfakacha
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    had to watch this twice!

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  32. Danil Thorstensson
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    Thank you Dr. Dre for introducing this legend to the world

    1. stipe mccock is asleep in URANUS
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      He also introduced eminem

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    13k people disliked? How? Why?

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    the live version of come down is wayyyy better

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    First heard of him when he did a song with the late mac Miller called " Dang"

  40. Ben Benassi
    Ben Benassi
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    i discovered Paak when he came out i guess. I liked him, but got distracted or something and never looked into his catalogue. Silk Sonic made me do it and i love his 2016 album Malibu!!

  41. Javier Ruy-Pérez Jordan
    Javier Ruy-Pérez Jordan
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    me gusta mi ñññññññññññññññ

  42. redfalkon84
    2 dagen geleden

    Amazing performance from the band and anchored by their emotional performance with the chops to let it flow and driven by a voice that some say sounds like sprite. As the man said so himself (next npr visit) they spent hundreds of thousands of dollars making videos and their most popular one was in front of this tiny desk. Been a solid performer long before SS and keeps me coming back almost every day, I'm ready!

  43. Geovanne Bruno
    Geovanne Bruno
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    Nice! Fan from Brazil!

  44. Dw1 Esa
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    Can't believe I've been sleeping on this dude just because of the XXL freestyles ;_;

  45. Matthew Singer
    Matthew Singer
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    Love seeing a false start like on the last song. If it ain't right just stop and start it again. 👍🏻

  46. Tommy_S
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    This is literally the coolest human being I have ever seen! Not even a question....

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    I'm embarrassed to admit I spend a couple seconds trying to figure out where the drummer was.

  49. Leonard Graves, Jr.
    Leonard Graves, Jr.
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    My favorite artist. Met him at the House of Blues in Dallas, super cool

  50. Toppmax
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    He’s nice with it.

  51. Thane Williams
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    My favorite tiny desk performance, then Big Daddy Kane & Rakim

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    Haha plenty of water...I’m super glad I experienced substances I think it made me a stronger person in the end and showed me the dark side of life...It was a great life experience...

  58. Brennan Walsh
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    Seriously.... God bless that lady that requested Suede... Sooooooo goood

  59. Guilherme Neis
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    the guy is a monster

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    ok cool
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    what a mix

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    0:15 id rather not

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    AEM productions
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    James Brown vibes

  64. Mindfire Art
    Mindfire Art
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    I’m getting D’Angelo and Bilal vibes. This is sickening! Yes indeed brotha.

  65. Mindfire Art
    Mindfire Art
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    Wooooo this is STANKY!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ drums and rhyming at the same time WHAT?!

  66. Devin Leslie
    Devin Leslie
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    This video is the gift that keeps on giving.

  67. dudu Oliveira
    dudu Oliveira
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    Música locaaaa da porraaaaa

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    lewis hamilton

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    kiosco delamuerte
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    q bajen la temperatura al aire pls!

  70. Jared Barton
    Jared Barton
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    How have I not heard of these guys before Silk Sonic? They're so smooth.

  71. Erica Bond
    Erica Bond
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    The talent of Anderson .Paak and the Free Nationals is just - there are no words!

  72. Lemohang Cindi
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    the last song.......Yesssss Lord!!!! love it

  73. Qwenz Chroniclez
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    This dude got me on my toes 😂

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    BEST tiny desk concert ever

  76. Raquellls
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    Thank you Bruno Mars for introducing me to him

  77. SoloAlex2005
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    The one on the pianos is probably the same guy that did the pianos on the Little Richard tribute at the grammys.

  78. mrbreede
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    Tiny Desk Concert Albums

  79. Mikael Palm
    Mikael Palm
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    2:50 some tripplet skills right there. :D

  80. Orsalia Hoynes
    Orsalia Hoynes
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    I hope this is taken as a compliment. I remember in elementary school getting Common’s CD and loving the sound. After all this time l’m getting the same vibes. Couldn’t of found this artist at a better time.

  81. nannaris
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    Man, been listening to Anderson since he was releasing music under the name “Breezy Lovejoy” so awesome to see how far this man has come. the progression in his art is phenomenal

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    Steven Fung
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    most viewed tiny desk concert?

    1. Demani Brown
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  87. Larissa Desrosiers
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    The bossa nova-ish bass line in the chorus for Put Me Thru is WORKING

    1. Jacob Nosbush
      Jacob Nosbush
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  88. P K
    P K
    5 dagen geleden

    Since 2016 I've been wondering what has Jose done during the rehearsal for Andy to be picking on him like that. I need answers yall. lol

    1. KD 875
      KD 875
      4 dagen geleden

      Picking on Jose is AP’s favorite pastime. Jose doesn’t have to do anything special to provoke it, just breathe, I guess. 😂

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    Love it live!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥

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    The bassist is amazing

  92. Shawn & Maddy McMann
    Shawn & Maddy McMann
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    The part where he used his hand on the snare drum. Crazy sh*t

  93. Shawn & Maddy McMann
    Shawn & Maddy McMann
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    Everyone from Silk Sonic welcome. AP is the truth! 🔥

  94. Daniele Giuliani
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    His voice remembers me a little bit of George Benson's - like it and the sound of music - makes me feel like dancing and being happy... 😍😚

  96. MrDia31
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    NOw that you've all discovered Anderson Paak, go listen to his collab with ybn cordae. And then discover ybn cordae. Thank me later.

  97. janoski09
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    so all his songs are choruses that go on for way too long? Also, you are allowed to change the beat up with those drumms,it's super obvious he only knows one rythm.

    1. Tank Engine
      Tank Engine
      5 dagen geleden

      @janoski09 in what way do you think the rythms are similar?

    2. janoski09
      5 dagen geleden

      @Tank Engine i disagree, and for sure read all that.

    3. Tank Engine
      Tank Engine
      5 dagen geleden

      Literally every song in this performance has different rythms I think you should learn more about rythms before you make such a judgement about somebody’s playing. On the first song he is playing 8th notes on the hi-hat with occasional snare beats, and the beat is played straight. The second has a more laid back beat, and doesn’t have 8th notes. It isn’t played straight, it has light quintuplet swing. + throughout the song he does fills as well. The third song has more ghost notes as the song goes on, and the hi-hat accents throughout the song change a lot. The beat in the chorus, pre-chorus, and verse in this song also changes a lot. The fourth song has very complicated quintuplet swing. It is played in half time unlike the 2nd song which also had quintuplet swing. Not only are these beats extremely complicated to play, but they are very different. The placement of the snares and kicks on every beat is different

  98. Rafael Cabral
    Rafael Cabral
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