Bartees Strange: Tiny Desk (Home) Concert

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The Tiny Desk is working from home for the foreseeable future. Introducing NPR Music's Tiny Desk (home) concerts, bringing you performances from across the country and the world. It's the same spirit - stripped-down sets, an intimate setting - just a different space.
Lars Gotrich | February 22, 2021
Bartees Strange and his band are in a basement, surrounded by electrical wiring and DIY sound-proofing, but also green plants that no doubt have names. In Falls Church, Va., the indie rocker is a stone's throw from the much-missed Tiny Desk space in D.C., yet offers a set just as cozy and crammed.
Just a cursory listen of Live Forever, one of NPR Music's 50 Best Albums of 2020, reveals a seeker with several destinations in mind: hip-hop bombast meets sprawling indie-rock riffs and mind-numbing electronic beats. "Sonically it doesn't make sense," Bartees Strange told NPR Music, "but it makes sense because it's me and I think that's like an important part of music - the person."
For his Tiny Desk, Bartees Strange keeps the bluesy rock and roll bravado of "Boomer" and the loping smooveness of "Mustang," stripping down the drum kit to include a sheet music stand as an extra cymbal. In between songs, he shouts out the musicians giving him joy lately: Yves Tumor and The National's Aaron Dessner, whom he calls "the indie rock Michael Jordan."
It's in the back half where Bartees Strange does the switch-up, as "In A Cab" flows seamlessly into "Flagey God." On record, these are louder and noisier songs that explore very different sides of his 20-sided die, but here, they become laid-back jazz club jams, deceptive in their ease, but beautifully ornate as the arrangements open up to his world.
"In A Cab"
"Flagey God"
Bartees Strange: vocals, guitar
Graham Richman: keys
John Daise: bass
Dan Kleederman: guitar
Carter Zumtobel: drums
Video: Britain Weyant
Audio: Chris Connors, Bartees Strange
Assistant Camera Op: Luke Piotrowski
Producers: Lars Gotrich, Bobby Carter
Video Producer: Maia Stern
Audio Mastering: Josh Rogosin
Art Director: CJ Riculan
Tiny Production Team: Bob Boilen, Kara Frame, Morgan Noelle Smith
Executive Producer: Lauren Onkey
Senior VP, Programming: Anya Grundmann


  1. Southern IcedTea
    Southern IcedTea
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    You just gained about 3500 fans my bro. I play mustang at work over the PA system!!

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    Ah great stuff lads, fair play. 🙌

  3. Joshua Sprague
    Joshua Sprague
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    This dude is special. "The pain of being pure again..."

  4. Cell LaVie
    Cell LaVie
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    So good! I keep coming back to it. Everyone is locked in, so precise

  5. Maia Harris
    Maia Harris
    4 dagen geleden

    I feel seen by this music

  6. Brett Harker
    Brett Harker
    4 dagen geleden

    anybody catch the name of the band he recommends at 4:08

    1. Lukas Parrish
      Lukas Parrish
      3 dagen geleden

      Yves Tumor

  7. Sam Miller
    Sam Miller
    5 dagen geleden

    Tiny Desk is the best of NLlike, of the Net.

  8. Mr. Sofa
    Mr. Sofa
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    feeling good - nice work - wish you well

  9. terminate_user
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    Forget dogecoin - BARTEES STRANGE TO THE MOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Erik Skagersten
    Erik Skagersten
    5 dagen geleden

    This was sooo good! Just wish it could have been longer! Please god let us have a Strange Tour once travel is possible again

  11. Parmejuan
    5 dagen geleden

    The clean versions are totally different and so refreshing! Great stuff :)

  12. Fernando F
    Fernando F
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    Chingón! 👌🏻😌

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    Lion Bird
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    Yes! Yes! Refreshing. Amazing. Beautiful. I loved it so much.

  14. Elyse Lewis
    Elyse Lewis
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    I'll never be over Strange's vocals

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    Oh, yes ... it's so good to hear this.

  17. Алексей
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    На барабанах Бебур ))

  18. Alex Goldberg
    Alex Goldberg
    9 dagen geleden

    Dan Kleederman slaying me w that slide guitar 😛 Whole band sounds great!!

  19. Brad Baker
    Brad Baker
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    Love it. What kind of guitar is Bartees playing? He makes it sound so good.

  20. wickedroman
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    Sound is soooooo goooood omg!

  21. Joel Green
    Joel Green
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    One day we shall hear these on black cat or 9:30 speakers...that will be a great day

  22. Margaret Dela Cruz
    Margaret Dela Cruz
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    tiny desk always surprises me with these lovely gems!

  23. Austin Gutierrez
    Austin Gutierrez
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    The drummers using a music stand as a ride cymbal! Great music

  24. Wesley James Reyes
    Wesley James Reyes
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    to australia pls!

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    Sam Wiles
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    Who else is here watching this video on youtube

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    Yo he’s so dang good! Thankful I found him through Thursday (rock band)

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    Sole Sust
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    This is kinda different... rock on y’all.

  28. Noob el gamer liker
    Noob el gamer liker
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    These versions of the songs are so clean, I even prefer these than the ones on Spotify, especially Flagey god. Superb performance.

  29. Chinazo Rena Anakwe
    Chinazo Rena Anakwe
    9 dagen geleden

    Come on Bartees!! 🙌🏾✨ Loved it!!

  30. David Ben Yehuda
    David Ben Yehuda
    10 dagen geleden

    SHALOM FAMILY, the definition of soul music, personified.

  31. Sam Burgess
    Sam Burgess
    10 dagen geleden

    one of my favourite clicks

  32. Michael Morris
    Michael Morris
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    I like it. Its different in a good way. You got a fan in Hoodbridge bruh. 👍🏼

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    Ken O'Brien II
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    Has anyone bathed in this video?

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    Wilbur Woke II
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    This is horrible

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    Truman Mortillaro
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    James Leary
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  38. Lindsay Hayes
    Lindsay Hayes
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  39. Ruben
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    what is the record he is talking about at 4:06 in?

    1. Ruben
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      @Brent Butler thanks so much!

    2. Brent Butler
      Brent Butler
      10 dagen geleden

      Yves Tumor - Heaven to a Tortured Mind

  40. Liam Prum
    Liam Prum
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  41. jamhawk75
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    Renaldo Matadeen
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    'Warning, this video contains explicit language.' Clicks like.

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    Gino Zahnd
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    I’d never heard you you Bartees, but what a breath of fresh air! Hella dig.

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  50. Hank Honkerson
    Hank Honkerson
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    anyone else catch that Hospice reference in Mustang

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    qué genio Bartees!

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  54. Федор Родионов
    Федор Родионов
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    it is a pity that your music is not fair to be heard on soundcloud in Russia due to the sanctions. you are cool) very cool)

  55. Lucas Túlio
    Lucas Túlio
    10 dagen geleden

    So good. Just one thing: Imagine Brittany Howard from Alabama Shakes singing the chorus of Boomer and that bridge at the end.

  56. World's #1 QWOP Fan
    World's #1 QWOP Fan
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    I need a 100 hour long recording of this version of In A Cab

  57. Michael Shenton
    Michael Shenton
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  58. Matthew Padich
    Matthew Padich
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    Nice snake plant 🪴

  59. JFanken
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    A great gift for my birthday! Great music and it's fun to listen to! 23.02. ...............Many Thanks!!!!

  60. Natxo Txuri
    Natxo Txuri
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    Jo que descubrimiento. Que buen cantante eres Bartees, que buen grupo tienes, que buena música haces Zorionak

  61. Karina Villanueva
    Karina Villanueva
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    Bartees is THE man

  62. Sylvie Lopez-salinas
    Sylvie Lopez-salinas
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    Thank you very much for sharing this great music enjoy the Great tbands thank you very much tiny desk 🌸

  63. The Daylight Orange
    The Daylight Orange
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    Taylor Dickey
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    Polyvinyl Records
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      Bartees Strange
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      lol i lov yall

  69. TheWhyer
    10 dagen geleden

    I like Bartees but I feel like this live set sounds thin compared to the studio version.

    1. schuttz
      10 dagen geleden

      Mustang and Boomer don't have the huge reverberating, stadium sound of the album, sure... but his vocal really shines in both of them, so that's a good trade-off. I enjoyed Flagey even more, though, since you could pick out the instrumentation more cleanly.

  70. Gene Pozniak
    Gene Pozniak
    10 dagen geleden

    Wow! Great hybrid music! "Indie-Rap"?!

    1. Gene Pozniak
      Gene Pozniak
      9 dagen geleden

      @NotRealMusic Well, the first song he was, but not so much after. :-)

    2. Ian Rohrback
      Ian Rohrback
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      Its just music, man

    3. NotRealMusic
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    2. Bartees Strange
      Bartees Strange
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      Calebs mom was my substitute teacher in school. Crazy.

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    Neil Eskins
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  84. Tiffany Mitchell Setliff
    Tiffany Mitchell Setliff
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    1. NPR Music
      NPR Music
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      Thank you for watching!

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    Positive Energy
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    Mark Pfeffer
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    1. Damnp
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    2. Mark Pfeffer
      Mark Pfeffer
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    Andrew parker
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      Mark Pfeffer
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  91. Mark Pfeffer
    Mark Pfeffer
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    Roman Romadin
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    Paul PJ Prevot
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      This isn’t content. This is art. :-)

    2. NPR Music
      NPR Music
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      Every day we're grateful for people like you that enjoy music discovery like we do! 💛

  100. Monty Contrite
    Monty Contrite
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