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How does a band return from a recording hiatus that could have permanently displaced it from the audience's eye? If you are Zach Condon and Beirut, you just go about your business and pick up where you left off three years earlier. The group's First Listen Live show at Brooklyn's intimate Bell House on a rainy September night, a concert debuting many of the songs from the brand new No No No, its first album since 2011, showed that Beirut works through its obstacles. Maybe it helps when the initial idea behind a band is ahead of the curve to begin with, no?
When Condon's Beirut first came to prominence in 2006, it emerged from Santa Fe with a fully conceived, pan-global folk sound unlike any indie sensibilities popular on the day. Zach's trumpet and flugelhorn playing was informed by local Mexican mariachi horns, his engagement with the Roma brass bands of the Balkans, and modal jazz changes via a percolating bossa nova; he favored timeless instruments (ukuleles, accordions) and images, to the rush of the modern; and the songs his quavering tenor delivered, also traveled the old continents. Live, the group grew into a formidable sextet, heavy on keyboards, horns and harmony, a world onto themselves.
At the Bell House, Beirut ran down its entire career before a sold-out audience, and the songs from No No No, the band's fourth studio, fit snuggly alongside the older material, even as it heralded directions new and familiar. "Perth," for instance, featured a touch of the Memphis soul energy, with Ben Lanz's trombone adding a brassy bump; "Fener," a song about a neighborhood in Istanbul, is built around the motorik beat interplay between Aaron Arntz's keyboards and Nick Petree's drums, before dropping down into a great g-funk slink, guided by Condon's Moog. So seemingly apart from Beirut's musical environment, yet, here they were, a natural part of it, making the audience sway endlessly. The hiatus, it seems, simply made full hearts grow fonder.
Set List:
No No No - 1:31
Scenic World - 4:54
Elephant Gun - 7:27
As Needed - 12:08
Perth - 15:46
Santa Fe - 20:03
Postcards From Italy - 25:17
August Holland - 29:42
The Rip Tide - 33:49
The Shrew - 38:10
Fener - 42:23
Serbian Cocek - 46:08
At Once - 49:44
After The Curtain - 52:44
So Allowed - 56:27
Pacheco - 1:01:10
Gulag Orkestar - 1:04:16
In The Mausoleum - 1:07:41
Flying Club Cup - 1:11:20
Director: Mito Habe-Evans; Producer: Saidah Blount; Videographers: Mito Habe-Evans, Lani Milton, Christopher Farber, A.J. Wilhelm; Audio Engineers: Josh Rogosin; Special Thanks: The Bell House; Executive Producer: Anya Grundmann


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    NPR Music
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  2. Bene Emna
    Bene Emna
    7 dagen geleden

    Wow! This vid is amazing! A great performance! I really love Beirut! I can't wait to see them live a second time! I'm stuck in this terrible lockdown for a year and a month now and I can only hope concerts will be allowed/possible soon. I read some comments from people saying they know the band for ten years now, i only know it since 2014, but Beirut is one of my favourites since then. Who is also here in 2021?

  3. James Perkins
    James Perkins
    10 dagen geleden

    Saw these guys at the Austin City Limits Music Hall like 10 years ago. Sure do miss some good music like this.

  4. Alvaro Silva
    Alvaro Silva
    Maand geleden

    269 tienen los oídos tapados, son sordos , o tienen el gusto musical conectado con el trasero. Esta es música que ilumina la vida. ¿Cuántos hispanoamericanos fans de Beirut andan por acá?

  5. Bighomer5
    Maand geleden

    I really need some brass transcriptions of these wonderful songs!

  6. carolina Alarcon
    carolina Alarcon
    Maand geleden

    Eu amo 🖤

  7. Omarr Koroma
    Omarr Koroma
    2 maanden geleden

    Very Spanish like

  8. esdras pires
    esdras pires
    2 maanden geleden


  9. Rosana Novais
    Rosana Novais
    2 maanden geleden

    Elephant Gun!! minha preferida!! Amo d+

  10. Isa Ferreira
    Isa Ferreira
    2 maanden geleden

    Conheci agora pouco e já danço... Coração alegre!!!

  11. John Dunn
    John Dunn
    2 maanden geleden

    Mad props for not playing Elephant Gun first. That’s a sign this band truly appreciates their work.

  12. TheAcanter
    3 maanden geleden

    I miss live music :-(

  13. Rodrigo Lorenzo García Apeceche
    Rodrigo Lorenzo García Apeceche
    3 maanden geleden

    Alta Banda!

  14. Julieth Cifuentes
    Julieth Cifuentes
    3 maanden geleden

    Where is this band been all my life? I came across this by chance. AMAZING! My daughter walked on my and said, you really like this music mom? I tried to explain to her that you hear much music this day but there is litle art in music. So Beirut is pure ART!

  15. Roberto Carlos Alcantara Carmona
    Roberto Carlos Alcantara Carmona
    3 maanden geleden

    Minute 40:27: mexican music influence

  16. sylvain planquette
    sylvain planquette
    3 maanden geleden

    franchement ce concert est pas top du tout je regrette d'avoir visionné cette vidéo je me désabonne et je n'écouterais plus jamais de concerts de ma vie

  17. Marv Metz
    Marv Metz
    3 maanden geleden

    Saying hello from Prenzlauer Berg! What a great concert

  18. Maria Viana
    Maria Viana
    3 maanden geleden

    Amo essa banda!!😍😍😍

  19. Alix Cigagorilla
    Alix Cigagorilla
    4 maanden geleden

    Awesome live but the crowd is full of flat-liners! In Greece there would be (and has been) a crazy party with these guys! Much love to Beirut! I'm looking forward to the days we will be able to go to concerts again!

  20. Alfredo Leanivis
    Alfredo Leanivis
    4 maanden geleden

    se dejan escuchar gracias !

  21. Luiz Leal
    Luiz Leal
    4 maanden geleden

    Love from Bahia!

  22. Alexis Humain
    Alexis Humain
    5 maanden geleden

    Rooooaad. WJEC To the best house ever.

    1. Alexis Humain
      Alexis Humain
      5 maanden geleden

      Nice, juicing with lemon.

  23. jose laura
    jose laura
    5 maanden geleden

    en búsqueda nuevos sonidos, luego de escuchar da sueño

  24. Larry Picard
    Larry Picard
    5 maanden geleden

    I saw them in Baltimore at Ram’s Head. Great concert in a small venue

  25. Rock Racer Mexico
    Rock Racer Mexico
    6 maanden geleden

    9999 :) hi from Lagos de Moreno Jalisco (y)

  26. Mar Sifuentes
    Mar Sifuentes
    7 maanden geleden

    i love the drummer because he is so happy for no particular reason

    1. Souf Nejj
      Souf Nejj
      5 maanden geleden

      i would be so happy at his place

    2. Ian Baldwinson
      Ian Baldwinson
      5 maanden geleden

      Hey ~ he's drumming, that's reason enough. Even better, he's Beiruts drummer!

  27. gabriela izquierdo
    gabriela izquierdo
    7 maanden geleden

    muy buenos músicos. el vocalista no esta a la altura

    1. ponto poético Eduardo Alves
      ponto poético Eduardo Alves
      7 maanden geleden

      Si, Buena observacion, abrazo del Brazil

  28. Aditya Varma
    Aditya Varma
    7 maanden geleden

    This version of gulag orkestar, always makes me cry!! This is epic! I am thankful to 'the force' which led me to get to know about beirut... Its been 2 years since i knew about beirut and still same songs make me cry.

    1. Ruairi
      7 maanden geleden

      Wish it had Nantes

  29. Jay Kim
    Jay Kim
    7 maanden geleden

    simply beautiful

  30. Golden Satori
    Golden Satori
    7 maanden geleden

    This is perfection ✨😌

  31. Lydia Rowe
    Lydia Rowe
    7 maanden geleden

    As always..magic with humility..thanks..⭐

  32. TheRootsBoy
    7 maanden geleden

    Javier Barden on trumpet hahahaha

  33. julieandthebelangkas
    7 maanden geleden

    relistening to gulag orkestar in 2020 giving me goosebumps

  34. Paola Puerto
    Paola Puerto
    8 maanden geleden


  35. Adriana López Seoane
    Adriana López Seoane
    8 maanden geleden

    You play the sweetest music, thank you!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  36. Joel Eklöv
    Joel Eklöv
    8 maanden geleden

    Thank you

  37. Anselmo Gonçalves
    Anselmo Gonçalves
    8 maanden geleden

    Fantástico, algo de novo num mundo musical sem esperança.

  38. Mike Roche
    Mike Roche
    9 maanden geleden

    Everything music should be

  39. Gamer Only
    Gamer Only
    10 maanden geleden

    I would like to listen to my night with the

  40. Luca Menegazzi
    Luca Menegazzi
    10 maanden geleden

    bei rutti a beirut

  41. Kenneth Guitar Fiend
    Kenneth Guitar Fiend
    10 maanden geleden

    This is fantastic!!!! Many thx

  42. Lucy Siagian
    Lucy Siagian
    10 maanden geleden

    Elephant Gun is my future nonexistent wedding song :D I love Beirut so much. All songs make me want to smile and cry at the same time.

  43. multinez
    10 maanden geleden

    Zach seems like a good dude. Would love to travel with him and be bestest friends.

  44. Jonathan
    10 maanden geleden

    Só faltou Ederlezi neste concerto

  45. Tá ESCURO!
    Tá ESCURO!
    11 maanden geleden


  46. Bupkis
    11 maanden geleden

    I feel sad watching this.

    1. l peti
      l peti
      Maand geleden


  47. Stephen Soriano
    Stephen Soriano
    11 maanden geleden

    UH zach whens that one coming out ?

  48. Giovanna C
    Giovanna C
    11 maanden geleden

    essa banda é tudo pra mim!! Cada musica é um abraço.

  49. I_TheJester_I
    Jaar geleden

    Who ever had the glorious idea to put commercials in this, should be slapped back at least 500 years in history.

  50. asya is ice queen
    asya is ice queen
    Jaar geleden

    this band makes me want to live

    1. T. O.
      T. O.
      Maand geleden

      Yes! A life affirming band 😛

    2. asya is ice queen
      asya is ice queen
      11 maanden geleden

      @Bupkis which one do you mean in particular? their paris show?

    3. asya is ice queen
      asya is ice queen
      11 maanden geleden

      @Bupkis thank you

    4. Bupkis
      11 maanden geleden

      sila you should watch their earlier stuff. I recommend the Paris one.

  51. Giovanna Pimentel Oliveira Silva
    Giovanna Pimentel Oliveira Silva
    Jaar geleden


  52. Marcos Vinicius
    Marcos Vinicius
    Jaar geleden

    Beirut é simplesmente sensacional! Alguém ai em 2020?

    1. Marcelo Junior
      Marcelo Junior
      5 maanden geleden

      Mano, podíamos montar um grupo sobre a banda

    2. Marcelo Junior
      Marcelo Junior
      5 maanden geleden

      Aqui estou eu

    3. Laila Ferreira
      Laila Ferreira
      10 maanden geleden

      Junho de 2020 na pandemia. Sim, Beirut é incrível!

    4. Daniel Souza Santos
      Daniel Souza Santos
      Jaar geleden

      abril de 2020... e beirut é sim sensacional!!!

    5. Simone Silva
      Simone Silva
      Jaar geleden

      Aqui. esse show é lindo.

  53. Nelson Galiñanes
    Nelson Galiñanes
    Jaar geleden

    Nunca vinieron a Argentina, los queremos por acá.

  54. Junior
    Jaar geleden

    socorro eu amo demais

  55. Christy Cockrell
    Christy Cockrell
    Jaar geleden

    I was lucky enough to see them 5 times in NYC. Each time in a different location and honestly they were always unique but top notch at the Guggenheim guys!

  56. Aleksandra Ivanović
    Aleksandra Ivanović
    Jaar geleden

    Can't hit the like button enough! They're producing it out of soul and it's too wonderful.

  57. jonathan dardenne
    jonathan dardenne
    Jaar geleden

    melodies harmonies are so top... clever pop

  58. jonathan dardenne
    jonathan dardenne
    Jaar geleden

    dommage que vous ne maîtrisez pas l'anglais le reste est top... pq ne pas écrire en français du coup? pudeur? ou instrumental?

    1. Tom Smag
      Tom Smag
      Jaar geleden

      @jonathan dardenne De quoi parlez vous ?

    2. jonathan dardenne
      jonathan dardenne
      Jaar geleden

      a part ça j'aime beaucoup tout de même... but your lyrics guys... it's for parisians

  59. jonathan dardenne
    jonathan dardenne
    Jaar geleden

    salut les gars, je suis capitaine d'un bateau ma sirène est rouillée vous prenez combien pur sonner dès que la terre est en vue? ;-)

    1. jonathan dardenne
      jonathan dardenne
      Jaar geleden

      votre batteur il se prend un peu trop au sérieux à mon gôut. ou alors c'est juste qu'il a pas le niveau?

  60. MrKaytor
    Jaar geleden

    Josh Rogosin is a genius :)

  61. LockerUp
    Jaar geleden

    Props to the sound guys on this. Sounds amazing! and props to those two guys on the brass. Absolutey amazing players!

  62. Domdoug Nascimento
    Domdoug Nascimento
    Jaar geleden

    É a cara do Brasil. Em musicalidade, claro! 🙄

  63. Changwoo Lim
    Changwoo Lim
    Jaar geleden


  64. J rc
    J rc
    Jaar geleden

    If I ever win the lottery I will try to hire them to play a big open air concert for free... provided I get a private showing of mt Wroclai. You have been my favorite band since 2006. Never stop please.

  65. Jacob Deal
    Jacob Deal
    Jaar geleden

    Where are the strings for Scenic? Booooo

  66. Lia BaTri
    Lia BaTri
    Jaar geleden


  67. Erica Paige Schumacher
    Erica Paige Schumacher
    Jaar geleden

    Phenomenal. Thanks.

  68. Rima Lima Quadros
    Rima Lima Quadros
    Jaar geleden


  69. F. J.
    F. J.
    Jaar geleden

    Só os beiruteiros aqui!

  70. Elizângelo Lopes
    Elizângelo Lopes
    Jaar geleden

    Cadê Nantes?

  71. Gardens Mendes
    Gardens Mendes
    Jaar geleden

    Maravilha ,

  72. Denize Nubia
    Denize Nubia
    Jaar geleden


  73. Joilson Arruda
    Joilson Arruda
    Jaar geleden

    Show fantástico!

  74. OOO OOO
    2 jaar geleden

    I have two tickets for their London Apollo Concert tonight, 12th April 2019, but I'm not well enough to go. This video is no substitute for what I know I'd be watching and listening to in a couple of hours from now. I saw Beirut a few years back in Brixton with the fabulous support band Tune-Yards.

    1. Robyn Van Horn
      Robyn Van Horn
      Jaar geleden

      I'm sorry you didn't get to go☹️I missed Clutch New year's Eve had tickets but was to sick😢

  75. Daniela Oyanedel
    Daniela Oyanedel
    2 jaar geleden


  76. 2winelovers1kid Love
    2winelovers1kid Love
    2 jaar geleden

    First saw them at the Greek Theater, Berkeley for the NoNo No tour....blown away! Love the brass! Just saw them again at Oakland's Fox theater. Great show. Very talented. Baroque Pop, Balkin, Sicilian Funeral, Folk and Electronica....freaking brilliant!! love these guys. Blows Chris Botti away

  77. JD l
    JD l
    2 jaar geleden

    Music is the best medicine. I skipped my ADD meds and strangely feeling fine.

  78. almin
    2 jaar geleden

    when harry met sally brought me here

  79. Tadeu Clemente
    Tadeu Clemente
    2 jaar geleden

    Pqp como eu queria estar lá!

  80. Teri Scallon
    Teri Scallon
    2 jaar geleden

    seeing them in 2 weeks!

    1. Robyn Van Horn
      Robyn Van Horn
      Jaar geleden

      I would love to see these guys!!

    2. Former masssh0le
      Former masssh0le
      2 jaar geleden

      Enjoy! I've seen them twice and was amazing!

  81. Former masssh0le
    Former masssh0le
    2 jaar geleden

    721,000 views? or is it 7,210 viewers have viewed it 100 times each....

  82. jennifer vanscoit sanchez
    jennifer vanscoit sanchez
    2 jaar geleden

    Son otra Onda❤️💕😘

  83. Renan Rodrigues
    Renan Rodrigues
    2 jaar geleden

    I would love seeing them in São Paulo someday

  84. Mel Perales
    Mel Perales
    2 jaar geleden

    Me encanta Beirut que lo conocí gracias a un amigo Adrián que en paz descance

  85. Thiago Cabral
    Thiago Cabral
    2 jaar geleden

    Yeah!!! \o/

  86. Jessica Alvarado
    Jessica Alvarado
    2 jaar geleden

    ¡Que viva!

  87. F. Krüger S.
    F. Krüger S.
    2 jaar geleden

    deluxe ...

  88. Yogesh Girikumar
    Yogesh Girikumar
    2 jaar geleden

    Nick Petree is such an underrated drummer!

  89. roots learning
    roots learning
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  90. Mariana
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  91. Leandro Sales
    Leandro Sales
    2 jaar geleden

    came to brazil

  92. Marcos Paulo
    Marcos Paulo
    2 jaar geleden

    the drummer is an android kkkk

  93. Angelica Ramirez
    Angelica Ramirez
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  94. smartfkr
    2 jaar geleden

    if i where in the crowd i would of been screaming the lyrics.... only than would i understand why i was being kicked out venue:]

  95. Carol Maldonado
    Carol Maldonado
    2 jaar geleden

    Santa Fe is my favorite

  96. João Victor
    João Victor
    2 jaar geleden

    Simply amazing, i'm enjoying them more and more!

  97. Flying Chef
    Flying Chef
    2 jaar geleden

    Seriously growing on me..... Yowza!

  98. Junior
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  99. Hernan Torres
    Hernan Torres
    2 jaar geleden

    Beirut no solo es Nantes' Zach eres una reata'

  100. Ytzel Anahata
    Ytzel Anahata
    2 jaar geleden

    vengan a México :(