Black Pumas: Tiny Desk (Home) Concert

19 107 Weergaven 1,9 mln.

The Tiny Desk is working from home for the foreseeable future. Introducing NPR Music's Tiny Desk (home) concerts, bringing you performances from across the country and the world. It's the same spirit - stripped-down sets, an intimate setting - just a different space.
Dec. 7, 2020 | Felix Contreras -- The Austin-based rock band Black Pumas is having a good 2020. The group, led by singer Eric Burton and guitarist Adrian Quesada, was just nominated for three Grammys, including album of the year for Black Pumas (Deluxe Edition), and both record of the year and best American roots performance for the track "Colors." The band's turn behind a tiny desk (and chair) shows why its debut album - now more than a year old - is receiving so much recognition right now.
Black Pumas' gritty, retro-soul groove is on full display, while the intensity level builds gradually throughout this four-song set. It's clear why the band's live shows have won over fans. From the opening strains of "Red Rover," Burton digs deep and by the time we get to the ballad "OCT 33," he's burning with old-school soul heartbreak.
Quesada's guitar is the perfect call-and-response foil, while the entire band - complete with two powerful back-up singers - calls to mind soul classics, but with a groovy new sheen.
I've seen some of Black Pumas' shows in recent years and the band gets better every time out. The power of this Tiny Desk (home) concert shows that they always bring it, no matter the size of the audience.
"Red Rover"
"OCT 33"
Eric Burton: vocals, guitar
Adrian Quesada: guitar
Lauren Cervantes: vocals
Angela Miller: vocals
JaRon Marshall: keys
Brendan Bond: bass
Steve Bidwell: drums
Video: Amos David McKay / TWO HEADED BOY
Audio: Aaron Glemboski
Producer: Felix Contreras
Video Producer: Morgan Noelle Smith
Audio Mastering: Josh Rogosin
Associate Producer: Bobby Carter
Tiny Production Team: Bob Bolien, Kara Frame, Maia Stern
Executive Producer: Lauren Onkey
Senior VP, Programming: Anya Grundmann


  1. NPR Music
    NPR Music
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      12 dagen geleden

      Probably the best live show I saw all year in 2019. Globe hall. The vibe was unreal cool

  2. João Relacionamento
    João Relacionamento
    14 uur geleden

    This is SO GOOD, much respect. Thanks for this amazing song it pleasure our souls.

  3. Claudia Rom
    Claudia Rom
    Dag geleden

    you guys are coming to italy right? you've just become my favourite band. absolutely insane.

  4. Victor Mashatt
    Victor Mashatt
    Dag geleden

    Not sure why musicians are wearing mask. The worst they can do is drool on themselves and their instruments. Anyway. That’s some rocking soulful music. I like it. His talking voice and singing voice don’t match. Hated that guitar solo on the last song. It was pretty bad. But I really like that he’s different. Playing good music.

  5. Justin Martinez
    Justin Martinez
    Dag geleden

    Every time Eric talks it just blows my mind. Such a powerful singer, yet so softspoken with a gentle disposition.

  6. Emily Autumn
    Emily Autumn
    Dag geleden

    wowww you are the best guys. Cheers from Argentina (LATAM)

  7. Claudia B
    Claudia B
    Dag geleden

    1 word..... FANTASTIC.

  8. Manuel Félix Sánchez barba
    Manuel Félix Sánchez barba
    2 dagen geleden

    Esta música es ADICTIVA... QUIERO MÁS 💥💥👏👏👏👏👏

  9. maria ponce
    maria ponce
    2 dagen geleden

    woow , saludos desde Chile ! me encantó i love it

  10. Jason Ryan
    Jason Ryan
    2 dagen geleden

    Anyone else's new favorite band?

    1. Frances Bridges
      Frances Bridges
      2 dagen geleden

      Yes, and LP. I only discovered both last year. -cab

  11. Martin Valenzuela
    Martin Valenzuela
    2 dagen geleden

    beautiful sounds

  12. Alessandro Ribeiro De Macedo
    Alessandro Ribeiro De Macedo
    3 dagen geleden

    Top meu que som e que vozes!!!

  13. Giampaolo Muti
    Giampaolo Muti
    3 dagen geleden

    Speriamo in un concerto a Roma...bravissimi ...

  14. Rodrigo López Leal
    Rodrigo López Leal
    4 dagen geleden

    A team with perfect tune! Lovely wavesounds. just enjoy them

  15. Another Day Leveled Up
    Another Day Leveled Up
    4 dagen geleden

    After watching this performance I quickly tried to find tix to see them live, even if I had to travel! The heaven's heard my prayers and I scored two tix to now see them in my hometown at Denver's Mission Ballroom! Literally the only band I care to see this year, the soul of the music speaks to me on a deep level!

  16. Joe Keaton
    Joe Keaton
    4 dagen geleden

    Wow!!!!!!!! This is beautiful!!!❤

  17. Miriam
    5 dagen geleden

    Magníficos!!!!!!! Saludos desde Buenos Aires.

  18. Victor Lupini
    Victor Lupini
    5 dagen geleden

    For the history books.

  19. jeremy benavidez
    jeremy benavidez
    5 dagen geleden

    I can't stop listening to Oct 33! AMAZING!

  20. vane feltrin
    vane feltrin
    5 dagen geleden

    Son geniales!!!....

  21. United States of Post America
    United States of Post America
    6 dagen geleden

    Really great performance

  22. Tainá Justo
    Tainá Justo
    6 dagen geleden

    Coisa séria! Coisa fina! Isso aqui é ouro. Mermã, que força e sutileza e transporte ao jardim das delícias e manancial de forças e plenitude é essa? Tédoido! Muito bom!

  23. Andrés Gómez
    Andrés Gómez
    6 dagen geleden

    simply beautiful 🎶🎵👏🏻👏🏻

  24. Jakub Michalak
    Jakub Michalak
    7 dagen geleden

    phantastic songs ;-)

  25. Carmo Madeira
    Carmo Madeira
    7 dagen geleden

    awesomeeeeee voice and baaaaaand!! YOU F*ROCK!

  26. candre souza
    candre souza
    7 dagen geleden

    Amazing Sound. My favorite is Fire

  27. Oleksandr Mukha
    Oleksandr Mukha
    7 dagen geleden

    good music, good vibe

  28. María P.G.
    María P.G.
    9 dagen geleden

  29. Bob Dnine
    Bob Dnine
    9 dagen geleden

    First time hearing this band and all I can say is I want more. Well done!

  30. Ytivarg
    9 dagen geleden

    this don't look like no tiny desk to me, more like tiny stage

  31. Rob LaFond
    Rob LaFond
    9 dagen geleden

    This is dope

  32. Stefania Califano
    Stefania Califano
    9 dagen geleden

    Can't believe it, are you wearing masks? you are ridiculous !!!!

    1. Stealthy Mongoose
      Stealthy Mongoose
      19 uur geleden

      All this great music and you're focused on masks in the background lol. sad.

  33. Cosimo Rossotto
    Cosimo Rossotto
    10 dagen geleden


  34. Юлия Творогова
    Юлия Творогова
    10 dagen geleden

    ребята, которым не понравилось, вы промахнулись мимо кнопки "лайк"?)))))

  35. Léo Félix
    Léo Félix
    10 dagen geleden


  36. Christian Gentry
    Christian Gentry
    10 dagen geleden

    When i go back ATX hopefully will see them live...someday!!

  37. Brent R
    Brent R
    10 dagen geleden

    Can't get enough of the Black Pumas. I've been jamming this in my classroom at the beginning of each class period.

  38. Christian Salazar
    Christian Salazar
    11 dagen geleden

    its incredible the armony in their songs, really good music!

  39. gadaadhoon
    11 dagen geleden

    Wow, his speaking voice is very different from his singing voice.

  40. Henrique Martins
    Henrique Martins
    11 dagen geleden


  41. Luna de Xelaju
    Luna de Xelaju
    11 dagen geleden

    Love, love, love October 33. A masterpiece!! 👌👌🙏🙏💫💫

  42. Maria Noel Quiroz
    Maria Noel Quiroz
    12 dagen geleden


  43. Jonas
    12 dagen geleden

    19:30 The guitar solo nobody knew this song needed

  44. Josempe1
    12 dagen geleden

    Wowwww I love it

  45. sandra josefina arapa molina
    sandra josefina arapa molina
    13 dagen geleden

    Amazing, greetings from Argentina 🥰💞🥰

    13 dagen geleden


  47. Thomas von Buddenbrock
    Thomas von Buddenbrock
    14 dagen geleden

    How are they doing it? They bring back a soul sound or something back from history. It's just incredible.

  48. Frmr Christian
    Frmr Christian
    14 dagen geleden

    Wow, love the back up singer part on the 3rd song! It makes the whole song come together.

  49. Mechi Ruggiero
    Mechi Ruggiero
    14 dagen geleden

    this is fantastic!!!! best band I´ve heard in the last years :)

  50. Lara Parks
    Lara Parks
    14 dagen geleden

    Stay cool!

  51. S. Parker
    S. Parker
    15 dagen geleden

    Back in the day, I used to go see bands like this in St. Louis. Marcel Strong was my favorite. Love Black Pumas!

  52. D. Rudd
    D. Rudd
    16 dagen geleden

    This is one of the most complete band as seen in a long time. I feel like I’m in the 70s! Those wonderful 70s! Eric Burton is a true rockstar. Ever heard that name before? Shout out to the man on the keys in the background singers

  53. Handcrafted Media
    Handcrafted Media
    16 dagen geleden

    This is exactly what I needed to hear today. Keep it up. Will be following your tunes going forward.

  54. Apollo Agua
    Apollo Agua
    17 dagen geleden

    FREEEEEEDOM! Reeeeeeee Brrrrrrr

  55. Sergio Figueras
    Sergio Figueras
    18 dagen geleden

    Awesome band! And it is interesting that this recording is much better than any of the recordings of their songs that I've been listening to on Spotify... Does anyone have any idea why?

  56. Yenifer Orozco Loaiza
    Yenifer Orozco Loaiza
    18 dagen geleden

    A new fan 🥰

  57. Chelsea Bondz
    Chelsea Bondz
    19 dagen geleden

    I need a 21st C blaxploitation film (not directed by Quentin Tarantino) with an entirely Black Pumas soundtrack.

  58. tito yayo
    tito yayo
    20 dagen geleden

    what a voice,well voices,but singer is awesome.And the band in general,great sound,really real.

  59. mike tomlin
    mike tomlin
    21 dag geleden

    Best band I've bumped into in the last five years, might even be the only band I've been impressed by for many years. Refreshing, pop is not dead yet!

  60. GQ Pat F
    GQ Pat F
    21 dag geleden

    The Black Pumas are outstanding. After each repeat listen, they are quickly becoming my new favorite band. Musicianship is out of this world. Add to bucket list:- Must see Black Pumas perform live.

  61. Luciana Vieira
    Luciana Vieira
    22 dagen geleden

    Pelo menos mil visualizações foram só minhas O MELHOR TINY DESK DE TODOS

  62. Laura Lagrotta
    Laura Lagrotta
    23 dagen geleden


  63. ludmi benvenuto
    ludmi benvenuto
    24 dagen geleden


  64. Diane Daddario-Pfautz
    Diane Daddario-Pfautz
    24 dagen geleden


  65. Layton Nortje
    Layton Nortje
    24 dagen geleden

    First time in a very long time that music gave me chills.

  66. Craig's Journey
    Craig's Journey
    24 dagen geleden

    Love the songs and the sound! So good to hear live music from a great band. Refreshing.

  67. Mo Bey
    Mo Bey
    24 dagen geleden


  68. Alouna
    24 dagen geleden

    You are Amazing good , the best for you all, from France

  69. Leslie Spencer
    Leslie Spencer
    24 dagen geleden

    I'm obsessed. So, so good.

  70. MEET la PRENSA
    25 dagen geleden

    Brilliant set beautifully shot. Had not heard of this band but the telecaster brought my neighbor up to my apartment when he heard me blasting this the other night 💯🎸🔥

  71. whitey badger
    whitey badger
    25 dagen geleden

    Great bunch of Souls I so much enjoy your music, life is good!

  72. Pedro Negreto
    Pedro Negreto
    25 dagen geleden

    The best Black pumas setlist doesn't start with Colors! Wonderful!

  73. Jackson Solsma
    Jackson Solsma
    25 dagen geleden

    Thanks for hitting me when times are dark. Great music, great band.

  74. Lilly Z
    Lilly Z
    26 dagen geleden

    Amo esta banda ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  75. Drew Petersen
    Drew Petersen
    26 dagen geleden

    I've listened to this like 20 times!

  76. villegas24
    27 dagen geleden

    This band sky rocketed to my top 10 artists of all time

  77. Luke Fender
    Luke Fender
    27 dagen geleden

    I want the lead singers telecaster.

  78. Karel Witte
    Karel Witte
    27 dagen geleden

    This is my first encounter with Black Pumas. If you check out the album versions after this being your standard, those aren’t even close. This band is so much better live, much more energy and vibe.

  79. Vitor Silvestrão
    Vitor Silvestrão
    27 dagen geleden

    Neggas foda

  80. Clara Washington
    Clara Washington
    28 dagen geleden

    What a beautiful refreshing sound from this band I’m glad I found them, they have another dedicated fan🎼🥰

  81. Susanne Bethe
    Susanne Bethe
    28 dagen geleden

    would like to hear you performing "all along the watchtower"

  82. Julie Arvaniti
    Julie Arvaniti
    29 dagen geleden

    They are the best... the quality of their music is so refreshing for the music today

  83. Liz Robbins
    Liz Robbins
    29 dagen geleden

    Takes me back to my old days... "Drown in my own tears", "Love and Happiness", "Pain in my Heart", Ray Charles' "Shake a Tail Feather"... some heavy reggae beats & sounds, and oh so many more! Those beats & sounds will never get old.

  84. Chiefclinton
    29 dagen geleden

    at last a groovy band full of soul since...way back in the history

  85. Mauri Eronen
    Mauri Eronen
    29 dagen geleden

    This is the best that this year has yet to offer! Amazing!

    29 dagen geleden

    Thank you for letting me enjoy your music and lyrics...

  87. Janice Karpinen
    Janice Karpinen
    29 dagen geleden

    OMGOSH you are wonderful! Thankful for the Tiny Desk otherwise I would have never heard of you all.. So blessed for this.

  88. Alana Linhares
    Alana Linhares
    29 dagen geleden

    uow! what a truly happy surprise! love it!

  89. Maria Laura
    Maria Laura
    29 dagen geleden

    I love this band!!! Greetings from Argentina

  90. Shirley robertson
    Shirley robertson
    29 dagen geleden

    I like that!!! feel his energy this man is the real Thank you😁

  91. Josefina Peralta
    Josefina Peralta
    Maand geleden

    You are awesome! Thanks for that.

  92. Rafael Rodrigues
    Rafael Rodrigues
    Maand geleden

    Incredible!! He sings a lot.... for me, the best voice actually.

  93. Kev Drive
    Kev Drive
    Maand geleden

    this has been the one of the most satisfiing bands I have been fortuned enough to watch to progress!!!! this sing is truesly inspirational !!!

  94. Eliza Martin
    Eliza Martin
    Maand geleden


  95. Nogsmarn Nogueira
    Nogsmarn Nogueira
    Maand geleden

    Amazing sound wow

  96. Erik Alezones
    Erik Alezones
    Maand geleden

    You are Wonderfullll!

  97. João Paulo Silva
    João Paulo Silva
    Maand geleden

    PERFECT Best Soul band!

  98. Daniel Barreto
    Daniel Barreto
    Maand geleden


  99. Gaspar Lagomarsino
    Gaspar Lagomarsino
    Maand geleden

    This is to have passion for music. This is to die in each song. This is true soul. Just amazing.

  100. ali wahid
    ali wahid
    Maand geleden

    collab with Michael Kiwanuka pleaasseee