Elisapie: Tiny Desk (Home) Concert

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Every January, I attend globalFEST at a New York City nightclub and see some of the most fantastic music I'll experience all year. Now, given the pandemic's challenges and the hardening of international borders, NPR Music and globalFEST moved the 2021 edition from the nightclub to your screen of choice and shared the festival with the world. We called it Tiny Desk Meets globalFEST. We presented 16 artists in intimate settings (often behind desks donning globes), all hosted by African superstar Angélique Kidjo.
Elisapie returns to Tiny Desk for a show-stopping performance from Montreal, with the disco globe of our dreams helping to light her set. Elisapie, in both her songs and work, is a resounding advocate of First Nations culture in Canada. In her set, she harnesses an incredible energy with electrifying, emotive vocals.


  1. ariel felipe
    ariel felipe
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  2. Денис Александрович
    Денис Александрович
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  3. André Poirier
    André Poirier
    15 dagen geleden

    Fière de notre talent de la communauté autochtone du Québec! ❤

  4. Michelle Ikoma
    Michelle Ikoma
    17 dagen geleden

    Such intriguing and entrancing instrumentation, including Elisapie’s vocals. First heard her on CBC, and was immediately drawn in.

  5. Wendy A.M
    Wendy A.M
    23 dagen geleden

    Hermoso, esta es la verdadera esencia del ser humano 👏🏻🙏

  6. Sono-relaxologue Praticien Trager
    Sono-relaxologue Praticien Trager
    29 dagen geleden

    Incroyablement beau, j'ai pas mieux là ....

  7. Tom Barron
    Tom Barron
    Maand geleden

    Very nice😎

  8. Staffan Olofsson
    Staffan Olofsson
    Maand geleden

    Since Elisapie talked about her mother and how children up in the north were taken care of, I have been a fan of her. Long live First Nations culture in Canada! And NRP Tiny desk! Greetings from northern Sweden.

  9. Сергей Руденко
    Сергей Руденко
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  10. Da Mo
    Da Mo
    Maand geleden

    So good to see Elisapie here! I used her recording of Wolves Don't Live By the Rules as an alarm sound for a few weeks, until I would just lay there and let it play on loop. Great to hear and see it (somewhat) live!

  11. M. Fajardo
    M. Fajardo
    Maand geleden

    "Wolves don´t live by the rules". Masterpiece! Yu´re all amazing !

  12. Abie Irabor
    Abie Irabor
    Maand geleden

    What a treat this was! I’m a fan!

  13. Klangdachs
    Maand geleden

    Confusing, ecstatic and relaxing in one set. BIG LIKE. Nice camera and sound work as well. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Marc Landry
    Marc Landry
    Maand geleden

    Thanks for that great gift! / Merci pour ce beau cadeau!

  15. happy6464
    Maand geleden

    You can feel an energy flowing into you from the Earth while listening to them. Brilliant.

    1. Blt Samich
      Blt Samich
      Maand geleden

      Check out the band La Femme D'Argent...amazing

  16. Jose Nicolás Miranda
    Jose Nicolás Miranda
    Maand geleden

    Instagram @Rulosso_

  17. Anooj Somanna
    Anooj Somanna
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    1. Kevin Kim
      Kevin Kim
      Maand geleden

      @Kiere Luurs yo

    2. Kiere Luurs
      Kiere Luurs
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