JLCO Septet with Wynton Marsalis: Tiny Desk (Home) Concert

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NPR Music's Tiny Desk series will celebrate Black History Month by featuring four weeks of Tiny Desk (home) concerts and playlists by Black artists spanning different genres and generations each week. The lineup includes both emerging and established artists who will be performing a Tiny Desk concert for the first time. This celebration highlights the beautiful cornucopia of Black music and our special way of presenting it. We hope you enjoy.
Suraya Mohamed | February 2, 2021
Wynton Marsalis and the Jazz At Lincoln Center Orchestra Septet recorded their Tiny Desk (home) concert at Dizzy's Club, or what they call "the house of swing." It begins with "Sloganize, Patronize, Realize, Revolutionize (Black Lives Matters)," a bold statement about humanity and the consequences of racism. Marsalis says this piece - as well as the rest of the music on his new album, The Democracy! Suite -- deals with the timeless human issues we see exacerbated during the times of the pandemic, like social challenges and matters of the heart.
"Deeper than Dreams" is a reverential piece Marsalis wrote for those who have lost loved ones during the pandemic. Marsalis knows this kind of pain all too well; he lost his father, the legendary pianist and jazz patriarch, Ellis Marsalis, to complications from COVID-19 last spring, and speaks affectionately of "the times when our old folks come and sit with us in the spirit realm when we are sleeping."
To close, "That Dance We Do (That You Love Too)" is playful and funky and inspires a hopeful message, one that Marsalis says is "for everybody who got out and got down during this time on behalf of freedom."
Marsalis has been writing music about democracy and the call for justice for decades. "I hope that the social and political corruption and turmoil of these times cast a light on the individual investment required to maintain a libertarian democracy," he wrote on his blog in January. "May the events of these times inspire us all to engage even more deeply in the rights and responsibilities we have as citizens."
"Sloganize, Patronize, Realize, Revolutionize (Black Lives Matters)"
"Deeper Than Dreams"
"That Dance We Do (That You Love Too)"
Wynton Marsalis: trumpet
Ted Nash: saxophone
Walter Blanding: saxophone
Elliot Mason: trombone
Dan Nimmer: piano
Carlos Henriquez: bass
Obed Calvaire: drums
Video: Adam Meeks, Chloe Jury-Fogel, Arianna Shining Star Pane, James Sapione, Andrew Trost
Audio: Rob Macomber, Todd Whitelock at Amplified Art and Sound
Covid Compliance Officer: Domingo Cabrera
Music Supervisor: Christianna English
Production Coordinator: Michael Leslie
Line Producer: Justin Bias
Lighting Director: Zakaria Al-Alami
Producer: Suraya Mohamed
Video Producer: Morgan Noelle Smith
Audio Mastering: Josh Rogosin
Art Director: CJ Riculan
Associate Producer: Bobby Carter
Tiny Production Team: Bob Boilen, Kara Frame, Maia Stern
Executive Producer: Lauren Onkey
Senior VP, Programming: Anya Grundmann


  1. NPR Music
    NPR Music
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    NPR Music's Tiny Desk series is celebrating Black History Month by featuring four weeks of Tiny Desk (home) concerts and playlists by Black artists spanning different genres and generations. The lineup includes both emerging and established artists who will be performing a Tiny Desk concert for the first time. Click here to watch what we’ve published so far:

  2. gls0076
    8 dagen geleden

    In times such as what we are experiencing now, lyrics are not always necessary. Sometimes you just have to let the music breathe and sing or cry for you. Exquisite work Mr. Marsalis and JLCO.

  3. Thiago Wendling
    Thiago Wendling
    11 dagen geleden

    i like so much!

  4. Spell Me
    Spell Me
    11 dagen geleden

    Such masterful, excellent grooving. Thank you Tiny Desk!

  5. Charles Pryor Media
    Charles Pryor Media
    15 dagen geleden

    I love listening to the music 😇🥳

  6. Dee 972
    Dee 972
    15 dagen geleden

    This is awesome! Would love to see a Marsalis family tiny desk.

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  8. Joshua McRae
    Joshua McRae
    17 dagen geleden

    needed this

  9. Artwonman
    18 dagen geleden

    A performance with a deep echo in my heart👍👍

  10. sam richards
    sam richards
    19 dagen geleden

    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 ❤️ great musicians sharing the love ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  11. Jacqui Marougkas
    Jacqui Marougkas
    21 dag geleden

    I sang in Fifth Corp Army Jazz Band and met Wynton in Switzerland. Seemed a a truly nice man.

  12. Shira Kindler
    Shira Kindler
    23 dagen geleden

    not sure why i read this as "JLO slept with Wynton Marsalis"....

  13. vegan hippie foodie
    vegan hippie foodie
    24 dagen geleden

    thank you! yes black lives do matter!!

  14. Katie Midgley Root
    Katie Midgley Root
    24 dagen geleden

    Fabulous concert, fabulous musicians! Thanks for sharing your talents with us!

  15. Juan Nicolás Castro Martínez
    Juan Nicolás Castro Martínez
    24 dagen geleden

    This is unfathomably masterful.

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    that drums are crazy!❤

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  19. Wesley James
    Wesley James
    26 dagen geleden

    I pity the t-bone who has to conform to the notes assigned to him due to “harmonic” theory. They sound good as long as everybody else is playing. But those songs sound like a lot of jazz compromise from the low brass. Big up to Monette.

  20. Michael Bruchas
    Michael Bruchas
    27 dagen geleden

    So good to hear stars of the JLCO live. Plus more Wynton compositions.🎶❤️🎵❤️🎶

  21. AAM
    28 dagen geleden

    More Jazz. Yes.

  22. Drew Ayrit
    Drew Ayrit
    28 dagen geleden

    Wooo, that trumpet at 16:50!

  23. Jordan Chapel
    Jordan Chapel
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  24. JMR Rose
    JMR Rose
    28 dagen geleden

    Yessss! I’m lovin’ this one! 🙌🏽

  25. Navroze contractor
    Navroze contractor
    28 dagen geleden

    Oh Man, what a wonderful powerful set...

  26. Isaiah
    28 dagen geleden

    The Thumbnail of this on my YT made it look like the sheet music stands were black out bars.. i thought they all had their peckers out and it was being censored.

  27. TruePerception
    28 dagen geleden

    A song about getting some during the pandemic...?

  28. Madeleine Levic
    Madeleine Levic
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  29. Andrew Tran
    Andrew Tran
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  30. Alex Appelbaum
    Alex Appelbaum
    28 dagen geleden

    A total treat for sure! This, however, is not a Tiny Desk Concert in any way.

  31. Studio42
    28 dagen geleden

    Wow, no credits really ?

  32. Lorenz Widauer
    Lorenz Widauer
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    This is pure greatness

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    Sheila Garrett
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    Andrew Silva
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    The ads are taking away from the music, less ads please

  37. Colt Hayhurst
    Colt Hayhurst
    29 dagen geleden

    Thank you 🙏

  38. Johannes Schneider, Music
    Johannes Schneider, Music
    29 dagen geleden

    Reminds me a lot of Charles Mingus' music. Great performance! What a pity that it's interrupted so many times by NLlike ads, even in the middle of the songs.

  39. Kiere Luurs
    Kiere Luurs
    29 dagen geleden

    Hmm, from nothing to nowhere cliche jazz. Next solo. Next. Cut.

  40. Jay Rod
    Jay Rod
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  41. Quancheese
    Maand geleden

    Wynton! 😍😍😍 also this band is great. Do the saxophonists sound like Coltrane or is it just my ears

  42. Emily Cervantes
    Emily Cervantes
    Maand geleden

    YOO tiny desk please get OCEAN ALLEY up in hereeee they are truly a well deserved band to perform!!!!!

  43. Andrew Sumabat
    Andrew Sumabat
    Maand geleden

    It's about time!!!!

  44. john flanery
    john flanery
    Maand geleden

    Please please please get Caamp on a tiny desk!

  45. Sean McMorris
    Sean McMorris
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  46. Adrienne Woodfork
    Adrienne Woodfork
    Maand geleden

    Ooh my ‼️‼️The House 🏡 IS JUMPING 2 JUPITER 💃🏾💃🏾Play Selectors

  47. Danny Minaya
    Danny Minaya
    Maand geleden

    I wish we could see Samm Henshaw on this. He has soo many hit tracks its amazing.

    Maand geleden


  49. Pentameron
    Maand geleden

    0:00 - *Sloganize, Patronize, Realize, Revolutionize (Black Lives Matters)* (6:27) 8:01 - *Deeper Than Dreams* 13:27 - *That Dance We Do (That You Love Too)*

  50. Robert Mulch
    Robert Mulch
    Maand geleden

    all I can say is, if I hear and see them playing it always makes me absolutely happy :-D

    Maand geleden

    Them bois got the groove

  52. Back_n_ Forth84
    Back_n_ Forth84
    Maand geleden

    Only 10 secs in and I’m blown away ! ❤️

  53. MC Sleeper
    MC Sleeper
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  54. ゴールドラピス
    Maand geleden

    i listened to the performance with a time lag🌈It was a wonderful expression that your life became a sound🌈 Thank you for the wonderful time☆🌈☆

  55. AOEWOA
    Maand geleden

    Thank you thank you thank you for the great Music!!! Very grateful to have the chance to hear this. Thank you!!!!!

  56. Ben Ernest Nelson
    Ben Ernest Nelson
    Maand geleden

    First video I have seen where Wynton isn't wearing a suit. dude still looks sharp as nails. Great set.

  57. MeMe Free
    MeMe Free
    Maand geleden

    2:33 in and I already know I'll be listening to this for the next few years 👍🏾

  58. Arlo
    Maand geleden

    Just a beautiful performance

  59. Willy Kayak
    Willy Kayak
    Maand geleden

    ...such a well blended septet, thoroughly enjoyed the jam......

  60. Joseph Giuseppe De Gregorio
    Joseph Giuseppe De Gregorio
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  62. gcharocks
    Maand geleden

    So is Obed Wynton's permanent drummer now? I feel like they've had like 6 different drummers since Ali Jackson left.

  63. Sylvie Lopez
    Sylvie Lopez
    Maand geleden

    Tank you very much tiny desk for this great moment of music Wynton Marsalis en is very good bands tank you very much muchísimas gracias

  64. Melissa White
    Melissa White
    Maand geleden

    Sooo Intriguing💎💜💎

  65. Violoncelando Alhures
    Violoncelando Alhures
    Maand geleden

    Que sonzera bixo ! Muito fino !!!

  66. A w
    A w
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  67. Christian Jazz and Sax
    Christian Jazz and Sax
    Maand geleden

    Amazing to see the JLCO in here for black history month on NPR. Great selection!

  68. Tom Soper
    Tom Soper
    Maand geleden

    History, present and future in one go. Very moving. Piano playing in the second number is too head-nodding and now my neck hurts, but they're all so on it it's like a relief to know this still happens and is so good!

  69. D Bellotti
    D Bellotti
    Maand geleden

    One of the best Tiny desk concerts without the tiny desk. This music speaks to the soul.

    1. Drawn
      Maand geleden

      Well there was a table, does that count?

  70. Thalys Luiz
    Thalys Luiz
    Maand geleden

    Selocooo pesadíssimo 🔥🔥🔥

  71. Jason Chavez
    Jason Chavez
    Maand geleden

    Is this in NYC at Dizzy’s?

    1. Catrina L. Cassanova
      Catrina L. Cassanova
      15 dagen geleden

      Yes it is!

    2. gene mw
      gene mw
      Maand geleden

      I believe so

  72. Ruben Badillo
    Ruben Badillo
    Maand geleden

    Such a purist, so blessed to be able to witness and listen to Wynton and his ensemble in my age

    Maand geleden

    Obed Calvaire on Drums !🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🥁

  74. daniel carvajal
    daniel carvajal
    Maand geleden

    Pulentos acordes de vientos y wynton un genio.

  75. keith wisdom
    keith wisdom
    Maand geleden

    wynton- fond memories of meeting him- my father was security at Lincoln center and had a great relationship with W- and i have pic with W and my father- father passed in 2015- remember the times hanging with my father at his security desk- W is a scholar and gentlement

    1. Erma SMITH
      Erma SMITH
      Maand geleden

      indeed...a scholar...

  76. Adir Kochavi Official Channel
    Adir Kochavi Official Channel
    Maand geleden

    What a joy watching these guys and Wynton, a big wow

  77. Jessica Cheramie
    Jessica Cheramie
    Maand geleden

    Jesus died for you was buried and rose again on the third day according to the scriptures. if you confess with your mouth Jesus is lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead you will be saved. please repent of your sins and accept Jesus Christ as your lord and savior.

    1. KidFlersh
      Maand geleden

      I agree, but what does this have to do with jazz

  78. Katerina Kanellopoulou
    Katerina Kanellopoulou
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  79. guitarstrunged
    Maand geleden

    In case you missed it. Wynton Marsalis, trumpet/music director Elliot Mason, trombone Ted Nash, alto saxophone and flute Walter Blanding, tenor and soprano saxophones Dan Nimmer, piano Carlos Henriquez, bass Obed Calvaire, drum

    1. Eli ElBarbaLarga
      Eli ElBarbaLarga
      28 dagen geleden

      @guitarstrunged my bad

    2. Martin Steele
      Martin Steele
      28 dagen geleden

      @Eli ElBarbaLarga Thanks. When this was originally posted, the info was not there. I checked myself. What’s listed, now, under “Show More” was not there when posted 2 days ago. The important thing is these artists get the recognition they deserve.

    3. guitarstrunged
      28 dagen geleden

      @Eli ElBarbaLarga It wasn't there when I left my post. They must have added it later. There was almost nothing under "show more". I checked.

    4. Eli ElBarbaLarga
      Eli ElBarbaLarga
      28 dagen geleden

      The info it's in the description. People need to read it

    5. Zo Valentine
      Zo Valentine
      Maand geleden

      Thank you ⚘

  80. WanLuv
    Maand geleden

    OMG!! No way!! Wynton is definitely on my playlist

  81. RC Ritter FPV
    RC Ritter FPV
    Maand geleden

    yikes.. thought the middle school band was playing in here... ran into room to turn it off... some great moments, just no cohesion. like 10 different sound tracks playing at once. screechy... was the band out late last night and someone kick them awake 2 min before show time? man I hate that I'm being negative... really was just totally surprised by what was playing in here. I was certain it was a high school marching band practice...

    1. Josh Philip
      Josh Philip
      29 dagen geleden

      Your entitled to your opinion even though it's wrong 🤷🏾‍♂️

    2. MariBeth Fair
      MariBeth Fair
      Maand geleden

      That’s the magic of jazz, my friend

    3. KidFlersh
      Maand geleden

      >no cohesion >sounds like 10 different tracks playing at once And is that a problem?

    4. Christian Jazz and Sax
      Christian Jazz and Sax
      Maand geleden

      @Michael Fox I feel you when it comes to how great the band was. Not everyone was a fan of coltranes or dizzys work during there day so to each there own.

    5. Michael Fox
      Michael Fox
      Maand geleden

      Sorry you didn’t care for it. I’ve been playing jazz and classical trumpet for many years, and I found it amazing. To each their own...

  82. sandra schools
    sandra schools
    Maand geleden

    This is awesome sauce!! You NEED to be squeezing more musicians like this in the not so tiny desk! This should be celebrated every day! Totally loved watching these guy's and their facial expressions:)

  83. A. Lynette
    A. Lynette
    Maand geleden

    This is so special ❤️

  84. David Mckissick
    David Mckissick
    Maand geleden

    Where’s the desk 👀

    1. Bill Strohler
      Bill Strohler
      29 dagen geleden

      It's so tiny you can't see it.

    2. KidFlersh
      Maand geleden

      See the "(at home)"

  85. Lauren Barnette
    Lauren Barnette
    Maand geleden

    When I was 12 my mum took me to see Wynton perform live at the top of the hub in Boston & it literally changed my life... love this right here🥰🥰🥰🥰

    1. Lauren Barnette
      Lauren Barnette
      29 dagen geleden

      @John Alvarez 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

    2. John Alvarez
      John Alvarez
      29 dagen geleden

      same here! my mom had an extra ticket when i was about 11 or 12, and my life has never been the same since

    3. saucy risi
      saucy risi
      Maand geleden

      Wish my parents made me discover jazz music. I had to find out myself at 17, and now it's all I think about.

  86. Michaela
    Maand geleden

    thoroughly enjoyed!

  87. John Alvarez
    John Alvarez
    Maand geleden

    most of these guys been with JLC since before i was born...amazing stuff as always

  88. Harry Hong
    Harry Hong
    Maand geleden

    It's 3:00 am and I woke up from my bed just to listen to this music with my speaker :)

  89. Alison Swennumson
    Alison Swennumson
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    You guys are great and I love what you stand for. Fantastic!

    Maand geleden

    Excelente! Greetings from México City!

  91. Tiago Lageira
    Tiago Lageira
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  92. Josh Huders
    Josh Huders
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    Yesss , more artists like this!!

    1. David Yucht
      David Yucht
      Maand geleden

      There are very few who can compare!

  93. Josh Huders
    Josh Huders
    Maand geleden

    Yesss , more artists like this!!

  94. Ricardo Moraes-Pinto
    Ricardo Moraes-Pinto
    Maand geleden

    Waching Wynton's hair going grey is certainly confusing. His music is always fresh and daring... Every musician there is a favorite of mine, playing at the top of his ability.

  95. Fige Bornu Purpose
    Fige Bornu Purpose
    Maand geleden

    Fabulous! Just fabulous!

  96. Sylvie Lopez-salinas
    Sylvie Lopez-salinas
    Maand geleden

    Thank you very much for sharing this great music 🎶

  97. Eric Franklin Tavares
    Eric Franklin Tavares
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    great moment of music... that BHM will be a killer on Tiny!! -EFT

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  99. Felipe Ignacio Leficura Astudillo
    Felipe Ignacio Leficura Astudillo
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  100. Alejandro Rojas
    Alejandro Rojas
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    I like his sweater