Jordan Rakei: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

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Watch Jordan Rakei play "Say Something", "Mind's Eye", "Talk To Me" and "Speak" at the Tiny Desk.
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Jan. 13, 2020 | Suraya Mohamed -- Sometimes, things don't go smoothly at the Tiny Desk. After traveling all night, the soulful R&B artist Jordan Rakei and his band pulled up to NPR in their tour bus at the crack of dawn, only to find the Fender Rhodes we'd rented for him didn't have the right action. But after quickly ordering a replacement (that arrived moments before the Tiny Desk performance started), Rakei and his band locked-in and played a phenomenal set.
The band opened with "Say Something," from the group's 2019 album, Origin. It's a song that encourages people to take action and speak up for themselves. They followed with "Mind's Eye," a commentary on technology that questions whether advancements are always a good idea. After playing "Talk To Me," from the group's 2016 debut album, Cloak, they returned to their most recent release to close with "Speak," a reflective song with a beautiful solo piano accompaniment. Inspired by the TV show and book The Handmaid's Tale, it imagines a world where nuclear war has left half the women infertile, as technology runs amok.
Despite the sometimes dystopian themes in his music, Rakei's sound is easygoing and colorful. While steady grooves connect his singular blend of jazz and R&B, his tight chord voicings, compelling rhythms and mesmerizing vocals make for a wonderful performance.
"Say Something"
"Mind's Eye"
"Talk To Me"
Jordan Rakei: vocals, keys; Jim Macrae: drums; Ernesto Marichales: percussion; Jonathan Harvey: bass; Imraan Paleker: guitar; Linda Diaz: vocals; Sam Wills: vocals; Opal Hoyt: vocals
Producers: Suraya Mohamed, Morgan Noelle Smith; Creative director: Bob Boilen; Audio engineers: Josh Rogosin, Natasha Branch; Editor: Jack Corbett; Videographers: Bronson Arcuri, Jack Corbett, Morgan Noelle Smith, Maia Stern; Associate Producer: Bobby Carter; Executive producer: Lauren Onkey; VP, programming: Anya Grundmann; Photo: Mhari Shaw/NPR


  1. NPR Music
    NPR Music
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    Hey Tiny Desk fans: Were we ever all supposed to get a say in our democracy? Throughline hosts Rund Abdelfatah and Ramtin Arablouei explore this question in three new episodes. In this series, we’ll take a close look at voting in America, and how that’s shaped what American democracy is, what it was meant to be, where it’s failed, and what it might become. Check out Throughline here :

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    2. sartoriusrock
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      Pure democracy devolves into mob rule. Balances such as the electoral college serve as a way to preserve minority interests, to prevent the tyranny of the majority.

    3. Dean Thornby
      Dean Thornby
      3 maanden geleden

      I'm English I live in Spain and I'm totally confused what's happening in the USA right now seems like some how the USA has lost its way right now ...good music and love is the only way to sort things out ,it worked in the UK in the 90's / 00's ... Your most definitely doing your bit tiny desk let's just hope and pray the rest of the USA joins in ♥️

    4. sjors hagenbeek
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      We need the Parcels at Tiny Desk!

    5. Бейбарыс [LIVE]
      Бейбарыс [LIVE]
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    Soulful voice I love it😍

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    Wait... Is it me or are Sufjan Stevens and this guy not twins? Check out Sufjan's Carrie and Lowell concert. Same hat, white boy looks. Both EXCELLENT performances... coincidence?

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    It's cool that Jordan hired Ryan Gosling to play drums and Ron Livingston for the percussion instruments.

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    U cannot compare yourself to me......... we are differentttt

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    Bongos went crazy 💯🔥 on “minds eye”

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    The UK is saving R&B music and I’m here for it. Long Live.

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    The details in here! Just adorable

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    the 16:06 part gets me every time

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    @NPR Music, ya’ll need to put out an album (with the artist’s permission of course). But a LOT of my favorite singers/rappers have done Tiny Desk shows with grooves that are WAY doper than the original album cuts. PLEASE look into this. I KNOW I can’t be the only person that feels this way!

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    jordan, ya gem !

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    Ilkay Gundogen on the bongos

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    Now that's what I call Music.

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    Good music here...

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    i just realised one of the backup singers was the tiny desk contest winner! love love

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    Ryan Gosling is a really good drummer

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    didnt know he had g-eazy on the drums

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    Love the second track and all it's variations and surprises!

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    sounds like Brazilian rhythms, like samba

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    Don’t know if this is the right or wrong thing to say, however! I thought DJ Shadow Reconstructed was the best thing since Central Heating. All the good stuff in one place you know. Gotta say though young man you’ve got serious soul! Lots of wise words over sweet melodies!

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    wow. its something.

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    What a beatutiful piece of art...I love you

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    Is that sam wills singer of amazing songs like elecrtified, unify and light on me doing backup vocals?

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    Mega !!!!

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    the version of 'speak' he performs is the most beautiful thing I heard in a long time

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    Escuchándolos!! Excelente!!

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    This man is incredible

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    Such a touching soul. His music is pure. Pure, deep soul

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  41. Rachel Weston
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    Saw him in DC a year ago and I bought a ticket for a friend that hadn’t heard of him before and the experience changed their life. It was such a good show.

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    Very talented young man good luck to you enjoy it 🥰

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    Super underrated Tiny Desk, the soulllllll throughout Jordan Rakei. Thank you!

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    Is that Linda Diaz on Backing vocals ?

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    Im officially obsessed!!

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    Thank you NPR tiny desk for showcasing Real music & Talented artists!

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    Tiny desk please get Jerome Thomas and Dornik...

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    My dude on the guitar was SPOT ON with the funky scratching. fantastic.

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    That was amazing. Well done.

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    Happy to see this on a mil. My boy deserves that

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    Best channel ever

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    These voices, all in my head Never to whisper again Never to sing me to sleep Oh, but a dream Right there, caught out in the rain Drenched in a memory of pain Soaked by the old sour taste Let's hope for the better Play to the mind, wide open Awaken the beast by the meadow Playful at least, I'm hoping Show you the doorway to my soul Come to the root of the cause Producer will can the applause I mention it's not my fault Yet my effort was needed So I grab for some inner resource Most certainly blind to the force Letting the world takes its course We've now superseded Play to the mind, wide open Awaken the beast by the meadow Playful at least, I'm hoping Show you the doorway to my soul Play to the mind, wide open Waking the beast by the meadow Playful at least, I'm hoping Show you the doorway to my soul

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    Great music but ... coño el pana de las congas es caraquista jaja cdlm

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    Viva Venezuela, increíble Ernesto Marichales y su camisa de Los Leones.

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    Tiny Desk = Colors, but so much better!!!

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    He's at home.

  59. Obed Santos
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    Linda Diaz went from being one of the back up singers on a Tiny Desk performance to being the winner of the 2020 Tiny Desk contest!

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    Amazing I'm rocking side to side👄

  61. Boitumelo Molale
    Boitumelo Molale
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    I had never listened to his music before until I attended this jazz festival and he was performing live. I was alone since I couldn't find my friends and the feeling was insane, it felt like I was meant to be there at the exact moment when he performed Sorceress. I have been obsessed since.

  62. Chris Sakai
    Chris Sakai
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    When Jordan played at Lee's Palace in Toronto I saw something I've never seen before. As soon as Jordan sang his first line the entire venue went completely silent. Everyone was in awe. He is my number 1 live act. Thanks for your music and for signing my record

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    look at my little green tea bae doing back up vocals

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    11:25 such a vibe! Loving it

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    Sam Smith in the background giving us angel voice

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    Ok update, I LOVEEE THIS

  68. Danique
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    Nov 12 2020, 6:21 PM, hw

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    Linda Díaz ❤️

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    Fantastic - what great talent - thank you for posting this lovely performance

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    So happy to see this has reached 1M views

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    Sam smith on the backing vocals

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    in need this on my spotify, @NPR Music make it happen plz

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    Thank you so very much!! This live is majestic!!!!

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    I seen him in Philadelphia; awesome concert

  77. John Pierson
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    Rakei is so talented. Band is no joke too. Great performance

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    segundo 28, los leones del caracas dios mio

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    Y el pana con la camisa de Los Leones del Caracas!!!! Me encanta

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    I just realized my other voice crush in this performance...Sam Wills. No wonder I love hearing both of them perform. 🥰

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    Hold up, is that the recent Tiny Desk Contest Winner Linda Diaz on backing vocals???

    1. Scot Self
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      I just spotted that as well! She's great!

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      Yes, she is good!

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    Shoutout to Miss Linda Diaz for winning 2020 Tiny Desk!

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    When the drums come in on Minds eye (4:28) I felt that! Big up JR what a guy

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    all amazing, but that last song... my God that is good!

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    Totally wonderful. That has made my soul glow.

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