Lake Street Dive: Tiny Desk (Home) Concert

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The Tiny Desk is working from home for the foreseeable future. Introducing NPR Music's Tiny Desk (home) concerts, bringing you performances from across the country and the world. It's the same spirit - stripped-down sets, an intimate setting - just a different space.
Josh Rogosin | April 27, 2021
Lake Street Dive filmed its Tiny Desk (home) concert where the band is most at home: on stage at the “biggest little venue in NYC,” Pete’s Candy Store. All five band members managed to squeeze onto a stage no larger than the actual Tiny Desk to shine a spotlight on the Save Our Stages Act. Congress passed the $15 billion grant program last December as part of the $900 billion coronavirus relief bill. In the middle of the home concert, bassist Bridget Kearney recalls driving to the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn for a gig at Pete’s, then driving back to Boston the very same night, long before they ever sold out Radio City Music Hall on the other side of the East River.
It’s hard to believe the band has released seven studio albums. Its latest, Obviously, provided the setlist for this intimate performance and prominently features the newest member and co-songwriter, keyboard and vocalist Akie Bermiss. Hopefully we’ll all be packed into tight venues again soon, adding the thunderous applause we’re all yearning to contribute. Until then, we’ll just have to settle for clapping at our screens.
• "Hypotheticals"
• "Same Old News"
• "Anymore"
• "Making Do"
• Rachael Price: vocals
• Bridget Kearney: bass
• Akie Bermiss: keyboards, vocals
• Mike "McDuck" Olson: guitar
• Mike Calabrese: drums
• Video: Johnny Frohman
• Audio: Jared Herman, Robin MacMillan
• Camera Operator: Katie Sadler
• Camera Operator: Connor Smith
• Gaffer: Eric Bowers
• Producer: Josh Rogosin
• Video Producer: Maia Stern
• Audio Mastering: Josh Rogosin
• Associate Producer: Bobby Carter
• Tiny Production Team: Kara Frame, Bob Boilen
• Executive Producer: Lauren Onkey
• Senior VP, Programming: Anya Grundmann
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  1. NPR Music
    NPR Music
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  2. Arnaud Graebert
    Arnaud Graebert
    18 uur geleden

    I tend to find NPR versions better than albums as they have so much more energy. But this one is insane! Case in point Anymore. This NPR version is unbelievably good, every single band member is outstanding. Yet the album version sounds cheap (where did the amazing drummer go??) and lacklustre. What are people doing doing in studios?? Just do what you do at NPR and get the same sound guy. Please!

  3. Marcie Martinez
    Marcie Martinez
    22 uur geleden

    Lake Street Dive has talent for days. Immeasurable! It just doesn't translate to studio album productions. Live recordings are the best and I've seen them live even more impressed. Always love what they give.

  4. David Vaughan
    David Vaughan
    23 uur geleden

    An earlier Tiny Desk performance was one of the videos that got me into LSD in the first place. This one is just icing on the cake now that I'm a longtime fan. Great show as always.

  5. Moonpome
    Dag geleden

    Jonesing for Club Passim 👏🏼🥰

  6. TheCK3000
    Dag geleden

    Is it just me... or is Akie giving off total Stevie Wonder vibes right now?!?!?

  7. Paul Anderson
    Paul Anderson
    Dag geleden

    Your bass player rocks!

  8. animeBoi24/7
    Dag geleden

    The singer's is beautiful and I cant stop staring at her hips. And that bass player is making me proud! Great set!

  9. Rose Goldberg
    Rose Goldberg
    Dag geleden

    These ads are KILLING me

  10. Phil Irie Hambone
    Phil Irie Hambone
    2 dagen geleden

    LSD is such a great band. I absolutely love them. Sad to hear of McDucks departure but I wish him all the best. He surely will be missed.

  11. Maxim Popov
    Maxim Popov
    2 dagen geleden

    Old School Approach 💙♥️💙

  12. Maxim Popov
    Maxim Popov
    2 dagen geleden

    Peace Love and Psychedelic Soul Funk ❤️💙♥️

  13. Amya
    2 dagen geleden

    i clicked because the thumbnail looked pretty. i’ve been looking for this sound and i’ve finally found it. new. favorite. band.

  14. S K
    S K
    3 dagen geleden


  15. S K
    S K
    3 dagen geleden

    Whoa, more Akie!! Same Old News is awesome!!

  16. S K
    S K
    3 dagen geleden

    Omg another one with LSD?!?! Yes!!!

  17. Adam King
    Adam King
    3 dagen geleden

    This band is so good. I hate to see Olson leave.

  18. Kevin C. Crowell
    Kevin C. Crowell
    3 dagen geleden

    OK, confession time: I'm a 65-yr old man and I gotta say I love this new R&B sound you've got. The grove is just so on spot and I love the vocals, the harmonies, and well, just everything. Keep on keepin' on...

  19. LVCH
    3 dagen geleden

    Wow, this woman in a green blouse is beautiful, and what an incredible voice as well. The band itself is totally killing it, really really enjoying listening to them all!

  20. Dr. Stewart Bachan
    Dr. Stewart Bachan
    3 dagen geleden

    Love Pete's Candy Store!!! Love Lake Street Dive!!

  21. Ben Handel
    Ben Handel
    4 dagen geleden

    Yeah so this is great

  22. Otto Bhan
    Otto Bhan
    4 dagen geleden

    Ms Price and company continue to mesmerize us with temporal synchronicity and harmonious accents that alert the senses to new familiar thought patterns. Ya gotta luv their work and fine results. Kudos LSD, kudos asi.

  23. Otto Bhan
    Otto Bhan
    4 dagen geleden

    LSD is incomparable with Anthemic tunes of the highest quality. Get on board for the new Peace Train. Umm yah.

  24. natto lalala
    natto lalala
    4 dagen geleden


  25. Adam Lyman
    Adam Lyman
    4 dagen geleden

    I saw Rachel once on Frenchmen street in New Orleans and I almost fainted from her aura.

  26. NolanDrag0n
    4 dagen geleden

    Thee most wholesome comment section ever... and well deserved because this band is so cool it's literally absurd

  27. oorlab
    4 dagen geleden

    Hopefully this band can stick together, and come to the Netherlands, for the Nort Sea Jazz festival 2022...

  28. chris zumsch
    chris zumsch
    4 dagen geleden

    Where is the 1000-likes button... where where ...

  29. Jessica Mathis
    Jessica Mathis
    4 dagen geleden

    Watching this on mobile and do you know how irritating it is to put ads in the middle of the song?at least do it in between. Come on.

  30. Onserf Dez
    Onserf Dez
    5 dagen geleden

    These guys are Great! Really enjoyed their vibe and jive....good stuff...keep it up!

  31. jaysuede1
    5 dagen geleden

    Tight band, all players are excellent of course, but I came her to say: the guitar player is soooooo tasty!

  32. Rick Denson
    Rick Denson
    5 dagen geleden

    Anymore is Magnificent 😎

  33. BAIZUO!
    5 dagen geleden

    Sad to hear McDuck is leaving the band :(

  34. BAIZUO!
    5 dagen geleden

    Love this band.

  35. Hannah
    5 dagen geleden

    He sounds so much like Stevie Wonder.

    1. Diego Bello
      Diego Bello
      5 dagen geleden

      I was JUST thinking how much he reminded me of him! Even the way he moves when he plays keyboard while singing.

  36. Carmen Deloach
    Carmen Deloach
    5 dagen geleden

    I’m so happy for you guys! I can’t wait to attend another concert!

  37. théo soultana
    théo soultana
    6 dagen geleden

    Wahou 🤩😍. Incroyable performance. One of the best tiny desk concert

  38. Fernando Zagame
    Fernando Zagame
    7 dagen geleden

    I cant stop to listen them

  39. Daniel H
    Daniel H
    7 dagen geleden

    Hypotheticals: This song was likely inspired by Jeanna Lee Steinmann of the FBI, who is stalking me. I find the lyrics abhorrent and the song an offense. DH of Saint Paul, Minnesota. Will be reporting to both CIA, DARPA and German Intel. No joke.

    1. Daniel H
      Daniel H
      7 dagen geleden

      Another friend, Sara, is represented in the band's song Sarah. She agrees with this statement and as a university professor, is not a gullible person. Jeanna works in Brooklyn Center, MN for the FBI. Please see video of officer Kim Potter murdering Duante Wright of Brooklyn Park, Minnesota.

  40. MJorgy5
    7 dagen geleden

    I didn't know James Jamerson was reincarnated as a groovy white woman. This band is pure joy.

  41. Leaf N'Lore
    Leaf N'Lore
    8 dagen geleden


  42. Chris Bartley
    Chris Bartley
    8 dagen geleden

    what an awesome band....thanks for turning me on to these cats npr.

  43. thewildmanmusic
    8 dagen geleden

    Guys I figured out where Steve from blue's clues went.

  44. Ahwan Pandey
    Ahwan Pandey
    9 dagen geleden

    Please invite Damien Rice

  45. Daru P
    Daru P
    9 dagen geleden

    whats there to dislike in this?

    1. BAIZUO!
      5 dagen geleden

      Some people think it's "hip" to go against the grain. There's obviously NOTHING to dislike about this band, this song or this performance.

  46. Mr_Ree
    9 dagen geleden

    Thumbs up for no pitch-correction (and really good music)

  47. James Baldas
    James Baldas
    9 dagen geleden

    This is the sound you should capture on your records. You are an awesome live band. No trickery required. Peace.

  48. Jane Barr
    Jane Barr
    9 dagen geleden


  49. Justin Medlin
    Justin Medlin
    9 dagen geleden

    Them sneaks under the keyboard are stealing the show

  50. Alvaro Lou
    Alvaro Lou
    10 dagen geleden

    LSD always amazing. Would be great to see Ady Suleiman at NPR

  51. Dys E.
    Dys E.
    10 dagen geleden

    😁Been enjoying them since watching the Want You Back cover yelling Fun Machine👂. Those voices and this band . 😍 So glad they're on here.

  52. Drew Petersen
    Drew Petersen
    10 dagen geleden

    I've replayed this like 10

  53. John Lynch
    John Lynch
    11 dagen geleden

    Pure joy. I needed that.

  54. Parvati Watt
    Parvati Watt
    11 dagen geleden


  55. Adam Minton
    Adam Minton
    11 dagen geleden

    Happily donated. Y'all are literally the best band out there, and anything to support live venues to bring you and other artists in the same position is more than worthy of a helping hand. Can't wait to finally see you live after all these years of being obesessed!

  56. J
    11 dagen geleden

    Came here from Somebody Feed Phil, glad I did

  57. Ruthless Caligula
    Ruthless Caligula
    11 dagen geleden

    I was watching Marvel Superheroes vs Street Fighter matches when I had dozed off, and have no idea how autoplay led me here, considering I wasn't even logged in. Let me tell you, the first track on this video woke me up faster than any fire alarm, explosion, or drill sargent ever could. How have I never heard of LSD before now?! I'm blaming all of you out there in NLlike land.

  58. a Pride of Palaces
    a Pride of Palaces
    11 dagen geleden

    They're like a jazzy fleetwood mac

  59. elbowsanchez
    11 dagen geleden

    Hips don't lie.

  60. Ash McDaniel
    Ash McDaniel
    11 dagen geleden

    So lucky to see them live in Knoxville a few years back. Looking forward to another in-person show in the not-too-distant future! Lake Street Dive is ALL THAT.

  61. ModelMaterial09
    11 dagen geleden

    I wish Tiny Desk would just charge us $5 to watch these concerts versus monetizing the videos. The ads interrupting every 2 mins are so disruptive to the experience that Tiny Desk is meant to be, in my opinion as a longtime fan!

    1. SenatorPhoenix
      6 dagen geleden

      It’s so distracting and the timing is terrible. @NPR reconsider this madness

    2. stumplifter
      7 dagen geleden

      1,000 time YES. More commercials than songs is absurd. What blows my mind is that this is a terrible Marketing scheme... you interrupt one of my favorite bands ever and you think I want to support you commercial/ product? Thanks a big no for me.

  62. Leah Rodriguez
    Leah Rodriguez
    11 dagen geleden

    Rachael, your voice is simply the best I've ever heard in my life ❤

  63. Leah Rodriguez
    Leah Rodriguez
    11 dagen geleden

    God, I love you all so incredibly much😍😍😍😍😍. I am so thankful for your music and talent. My heart and mind have a party every time my ears hear your wonderfulness. Please, always keep making music❤🧡💛💚💙💜🤎🖤❤🧡💛💚💙💜🤎🖤

  64. Emanuel Correia
    Emanuel Correia
    11 dagen geleden

    You're great, and you girl...! Keep doing it and if you come to Portugal..., say something, i'll go!

  65. Paul Odiase
    Paul Odiase
    11 dagen geleden

    I forgot to say... Great Bass tone ! And solid playing too ! Your all very talented , great Vocals guys n dolls !👍🏾🎶🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿

  66. Paul Odiase
    Paul Odiase
    11 dagen geleden

    Thank you Chuck 👍🏾😎

  67. Paul Odiase
    Paul Odiase
    11 dagen geleden

    Great Band 🎹🎤🥁🎸🎸 Great looking venue too ! Very enjoyable indeed 💥

  68. Ken C
    Ken C
    12 dagen geleden

    That bass is really sounding great! [of course, they all sound wonderful]

  69. waffles bubbles
    waffles bubbles
    12 dagen geleden

    uhm.. i've been clapping after every song :'> i love uw alll :c

  70. Cam B
    Cam B
    12 dagen geleden

    Lake Street Dive!! Killing it!

  71. graham s
    graham s
    12 dagen geleden

    I've just come back from 7 days camping on Davaar island in Scotland (in the Spring sun) this! It's just terrific. I only found LSD 4 months ago, through the NLlike algo. All the CDs are in my 'newer music' collection. They were all with me, on my phone, on Davaar. Thanks for the (simply brilliant) music, guys.

  72. Daniel Dore Tyrell
    Daniel Dore Tyrell
    12 dagen geleden

    I saw them on tik tok! A Lake street dive X Moonchild collaboration would be so cool!

  73. Brian Sounalath
    Brian Sounalath
    12 dagen geleden

    They all look like adjunct professors.

  74. rpe58
    12 dagen geleden

    But I believe we might be onto something ....marvelous !

  75. Saulo Souza
    Saulo Souza
    12 dagen geleden

    Yes, what a great band

  76. Patrick Harrison
    Patrick Harrison
    13 dagen geleden

    The keyboardist really brings it all together, that's such a good addition and puts them over the top

    1. David Vaughan
      David Vaughan
      23 uur geleden

      Akie has been an amazing addition to an already-great band both on keyboards and vocals.

    2. Mikael Hegerstroem
      Mikael Hegerstroem
      9 dagen geleden

      It feels like he is in charge of some of the arranging they have.

  77. Jeffrey Chilton
    Jeffrey Chilton
    13 dagen geleden

    Finally a current tiny desk that is authentically stripped down. I've been increasingly disappointed with the effects laden videos folks have been passing off as "tiny desk." Kudos to Lake Street Dive for putting their sound and souls plainly on their sleeves for us to enjoy. The world needs more like this.

  78. Alison Derrick
    Alison Derrick
    13 dagen geleden

    This combo is heaven sent

  79. Alison Derrick
    Alison Derrick
    13 dagen geleden

    These harmonies are ridiculous!

  80. Alison Derrick
    Alison Derrick
    13 dagen geleden

    Oh my goodness! Thank You 🙏 so much

  81. MrBrianDuga
    13 dagen geleden

    Wow how did I not know these guys existed. Love how they all sing. Really tight, love it.

  82. Joelene Manuel
    Joelene Manuel
    13 dagen geleden

    Ft. stevie wonder's r&b brotha on da drums 😌

    1. Joelene Manuel
      Joelene Manuel
      13 dagen geleden

      whos cousin is marvin gaye lol

  83. Jeff Theless
    Jeff Theless
    13 dagen geleden

    McDuck determined to out hair Rachel

  84. Wren Wilder
    Wren Wilder
    13 dagen geleden

    This sounds incredible

  85. Chris Harper
    Chris Harper
    13 dagen geleden

    Google has put ads right in the middle of several songs. Gee thanks Google.

  86. Yesterday's Feelings
    Yesterday's Feelings
    13 dagen geleden

    oh my god !!! 💛

  87. Mike Murray and the Existential Tigers
    Mike Murray and the Existential Tigers
    14 dagen geleden

    Pretty cool to see that they recorded this in one of Brooklyn's coziest little music venues - Pete's Candy Store

    1. Kevin Hanson
      Kevin Hanson
      9 dagen geleden

      Such a great vibe!

    2. Matt Agnew
      Matt Agnew
      11 dagen geleden

      Just twigged in the wide shots that those wall panels are fibreboard shipping pallets! And that stage does indeed look cosy.

  88. Maël Blondel
    Maël Blondel
    14 dagen geleden

    That Guitarist, man, it's the chilliest thing i've ever seen, just doin is thing. Simple as it be it's just grovingly chill i love it. And the band together oohh gosh..

  89. Tony Rynan
    Tony Rynan
    14 dagen geleden

    Great bass sound - very funky

  90. Da rikas
    Da rikas
    14 dagen geleden

    What a bass!!!

  91. BluesManLeFever
    14 dagen geleden

    Who's bright idea was it to put ads in between songs

  92. Denis Surette
    Denis Surette
    14 dagen geleden

    Love this band! I met them at the Calgary folk fest a few years ago. Lovely band with a great sound.

  93. Nioc Pval
    Nioc Pval
    15 dagen geleden

    Bravo !!!

  94. Angela Perezosa
    Angela Perezosa
    15 dagen geleden

    Preciosa 🥰

  95. Kurt Heyl
    Kurt Heyl
    15 dagen geleden

    A delightful music. Thanks!

  96. John Hague
    John Hague
    15 dagen geleden

    This is three kinds of wonderful. It's lovely seeing this stage, this band, and this music in the air.

  97. m322
    15 dagen geleden

    not even one minute in i know this will be my go-to session to listen to for a couple of weeks

  98. Gus Olives
    Gus Olives
    15 dagen geleden

    What happened to McDuck that you had to replace him with an anonymous guy under a wig?

  99. Gabe Laurito
    Gabe Laurito
    15 dagen geleden

    anyone know keyboard akie is playing in this? it's so groovy...

  100. Raj T
    Raj T
    15 dagen geleden

    Omg does anyone know what jacket the Guitarist is wearing?! I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE