'Louder Than A Riot' Remixed: The State of Rhyme & Punishment

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Season one of Louder Than A Riot-NPR Music's podcast tracing the interconnected rise of hip-hop and mass-incarceration-has ended, but the conversation is just getting started. Join hosts Sidney Madden and Rodney Carmichael for Louder Than A Riot Remixed: The State of Rhyme and Punishment. It's a discussion about topics touched on in the podcast-hip-hop music, fame, racism, and injustice-but also the current state of affairs, and the bigger picture they reveal.
A conversation as big as this one couldn't happen with just two people, so Sidney and Rodney tapped a few special guests to join them: platinum-selling rapper Maino, award-winning artist Isis Tha Saviour, co-host of the Justice in America podcast Josie Duffy Rice, and music journalist Lawrence Burney.


  1. Olga Bauerová
    Olga Bauerová
    11 dagen geleden

    Many greetings to all of you from the Czech Republic!!! Very much eye-opening discussion, some points have been broadend to my better knowledge. I wish to all who take on a discussion to end "hidden slavery" and discrimination with white supremacists a strenght and patience!!! I love you, guys!!!

  2. John Wilmerding
    John Wilmerding
    12 dagen geleden

    I *LOVE* this !!! Sharing widely and deeply !!!

  3. John Wilmerding
    John Wilmerding
    12 dagen geleden

    You guys, as a white anti-racist of many years' standing, I've got a lot to say. Thank you so very much for inventing this!

  4. Jenise Washington
    Jenise Washington
    13 dagen geleden

    With the rap lyrics. We still have the right not to self incriminate. Oh the freestyle on a jail phone... This igga here🤦🏿

  5. John Smith
    John Smith
    13 dagen geleden

    Don’t know what this was, but imma bout to find out.

  6. Christina Acosta
    Christina Acosta
    13 dagen geleden

    This was the BEST podcast we've ever listened to and I TRULY hope that you are able to continue this series. The topic has many avenues yet to be explored. I can't imagine anyone else would present the content more thoughtfully and thoroughly. Thank you so much for all the time and effort!! You are wonderful!

  7. Israel McGuire
    Israel McGuire
    13 dagen geleden

    Somebody get her in office!!!

  8. Israel McGuire
    Israel McGuire
    13 dagen geleden

    Talk about it! Let's go!

  9. Didy Maria
    Didy Maria
    13 dagen geleden

    I like you

    1. Millie Cauich See my Channel
      Millie Cauich See my Channel
      13 dagen geleden

      See you in another life, brotha!