Mac Miller: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

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Watch Mac Miller play "Small Worlds", "What's the Use? (Feat. Thundercat)" and "2009" at the Tiny Desk.
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Aug. 6, 2018 | Bobby Carter -- There was a shift in Mac Miller's boisterous demeanor as he started the third of his three-song Tiny Desk set. It's the first time he's performed tracks from his new album, Swimming, in front of an audience. On "2009," he rubbed his chin with clinched eyes, looking like a young man who's beginning to crack the code. Backed by a piano loop and a string quartet, he reflected on his journey's peaks and valleys thus far.
I ain't asking why no more
I know I'll take it if it's mine
I don't stay inside the lines
It ain't 2009 no more
Yeah, I know what's behind that door
With nearly a decade under his belt at 26 years old, these words ring like an artist twice his age.
We were introduced to Mac Miller via 2011's XXL Freshman Class, which featured a special crop of MCs such as Kendrick Lamar, Meek Mill and YG, all of whom are now considered in the upper echelon of hip-hop. After his big splash, he's been able to find a groove and consistently release quality rap records, ultimately keeping his name in the conversation with the other young greats. His 2011 album, Blue Slide Park, reached No. 1 on the Billboard 200, the first independently distributed debut album to do so since 1995's Dogg Food by Tha Dogg Pound. These consecutive triumphs amassed plenty of fame, fortune and insurmountable obstacles, causing a stumble here and there. Throughout the years, however, Mac has brushed himself off and put it in the music.
For this performance, Mac Miller invited frequent collaborator Thundercat, who graced the Tiny Desk last year and will join Mac on tour this fall. Thundercat put on a dazzling shaker routine and played the deep centerpiece bass line on "What's The Use?" These Swimming iterations don't veer far away from the recorded versions, but here, his lyrics seem easier to interpret under live instrumentation.
Set List
"Small Worlds"
"What's the Use? (Feat. Thundercat)"
Mac Miller (Vocals), Thundercat (Bass), Justus West (Guitar), Klynik (Keys), Joe Cleveland (Bass), Kendall Lewis (Drums), Robin Fay-Massie (Violin), YaShauna Swan (2nd Violin), Lelia Walker (Viola), Melanie Hsu (Cello)
Producers: Bobby Carter, Morgan Noelle Smith; Creative Director: Bob Boilen; Audio Engineer: Josh Rogosin; Videographers: Morgan Noelle Smith, CJ Riculan, Beck Harlan, Khun Minn Ohn; Production Assistants: Catherine Zhang, Téa Mottolese; Photo: Eslah Attar/NPR.


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    As an upcoming beatmaker, these videos and performances proves I dont need to many instruments to make a beat. 5 Instruments can produce a good beat.

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    This is my favorite tiny desk. I have this memorized completely. Rip Mac ❤️

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    Ive watched this so many times the past year. I feel like mac and thunder had such a good connection. Id love to hear if he has any worda to say on Mac. Link me if so please. RIP to an gaddamn legend.

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    Mi novio ama mucho a Mac Miller y se pone triste cuando escucha este álbum porque jamás podrá escucharlo en vivo pero porfa Mac no te lo lleves aún a tu concierto personal, yo quiero que le cumplas el sueño cuando el sea viejito, gracias y R.I.P.

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    I mean Rest In Peace to this guy but ever since I started playing guitar I just can’t listen to Rap anymore.....especially white rappers.... Honestly there really is no talent in rapping...:.the only talent is in the instruments being played. Im sorry but the way he is just bouncing up n down with no instrument in his hands - n the way he all looks up at the ceiling in a half eye roll - then how he stops n spazes his body to the jazz guitar solo as if he thinks it makes him looks really really cool when it’s just all sooo cringe...ugh I think Ive out grown rap and rappers.

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    I'm a 49 year old chap in the UK who honestly had no idea who Mac Miller was. Came across this and think it's fabulous. Sad that he's gone because I'd have liked to hear more from him. This is why I love NPR. Would never have listened to him if it wasn't for this and now he has a new fan.

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      Love this 💙

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      @Wordislife Faces is my favorite as well but is definitely harsh for a new listener. If this guy liked the npr set I think he'd be more comfortable listening to Swimming/Circles/Divine Feminine as they are less bar heavy and more musical. Cant go wrong with anything tho. Could even start near the beginning with K.I.D.S. to hear the happy, carefree, young mac before diving into his later work. whatever you choose, enjoy.

    3. Wordislife
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      If you haven't heard it check out his Faces mixtape. My personal favorite work by him. Hope all is good for you over there. Someday I'll save up some money and cross the ocean to visit your country.

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