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From a studio space in Brooklyn, Guinean native Natu Camara mixes West African soul, rock and pop music. As a builder of inter-cultural bridges, Camara uses her songs to bring people together, weaving a tapestry of musical stories and visions of her beloved home.
"Ka Hirdé" - Intro
"Arabama di"
Tiny Desk Meets globalFEST
Producer: Bob Boilen
Video Producer: Morgan Noelle Smith
Audio Mastering: Josh Rogosin
Tiny Production Team: Kara Frame
Executive Producer: Lauren Onkey
Senior VP, Programming: Anya Grundmann
Co-Directors: Shanta Thake, Isabel Soffer, and Bill Bragin
2021 Curators: Shanta Thake, Isabel Soffer, Bill Bragin, and Viviana Benitez
Event Producer: Ian Thake
Host: Angélique Kidjo
Social Media Manager: Valerie French
Publicity: Brendan Gilmartin, Chart Room Media
Legal Services: Tamizdat
Legal Services: Duane Morris
Producer: THE OFFICE performing arts + film
Video Production: MODEMA Studios


  1. nokulunga dlomo
    nokulunga dlomo
    4 dagen geleden

    It's time to feature Fataumota on Tiny Desk. The woman who sang background for The lion King. Check Fataumota - N'tereni♥️

  2. No_1
    23 dagen geleden

    Joy vibes thanks

  3. Stuart Spratley
    Stuart Spratley
    24 dagen geleden

    more of this please NPR Tiny Desk :-) GlobalFest is awesome, a world of music just waiting to be heard Loving this gig so much x

  4. Papa Underwater
    Papa Underwater
    27 dagen geleden

    dope tunes

  5. D I
    D I
    27 dagen geleden

    Energy !

  6. Wadly Dugué
    Wadly Dugué
    Maand geleden

    Even I don't understand what they say, her face transfer joy and hope to me - like the vibe - strong message.

  7. Isabelle Lee
    Isabelle Lee
    Maand geleden

    One of my favorite TinyDesks I've seen! One of the joys of the world is to watch a group of people gather to share and shine and groove together through music, listening to each other and themselves, enjoying the energy they're creating! What an amazing group of musicians. I hope to see them live someday and experience their atmosphere in person!

  8. Sean Rimada
    Sean Rimada
    Maand geleden

    Amazing music faces /-0

  9. Sean Rimada
    Sean Rimada
    Maand geleden

    The sound of music is so global. Love the hidden layers of Cuba in here. Viva America Latina, viva Cuba!

  10. Janne Harkio
    Janne Harkio
    Maand geleden


  11. Mark Somers
    Mark Somers
    Maand geleden

    Credits for everyone, even the legal team, but NOT the musicians. Pretty incredible.

    1. Natuwenta productions
      Natuwenta productions
      5 dagen geleden

      Good point. The musiciens are introduced at the end. And all have credit on New York Times and all adds. Not sure why they didn’t add it to this video because we delivered all credit. Band have credit always with us.

  12. Jennifer Obeng
    Jennifer Obeng
    Maand geleden

    How beautiful. The music and the welcoming spirit. Thank you!!

  13. frederic martinet
    frederic martinet
    Maand geleden

    I like to hear this voice from the hearth of music, very nice fusion

  14. VaqueiroAruanda
    Maand geleden

    I can't believe one person disliked this video. That's way too many dislikes.

  15. Yves Joseph
    Yves Joseph
    Maand geleden

    This was amazing. Never heard of her, but this made me smile. Great music

  16. Josedin Martinez
    Josedin Martinez
    Maand geleden

    Amazing song for children! They just deserve love! Thank you for such as powerful and important message!

  17. M J
    M J
    Maand geleden

    Her drummer and bass are amazing.

  18. MSC François le roi.
    MSC François le roi.
    Maand geleden

    Lauryn Hill, Nina Simone , were my favorite raw artist, now I got Natu Camara added to my list Since I saw her live in Canada. This lady's live is fire.

  19. awrebyawe
    Maand geleden

    love it!!

  20. Guigui deCam.
    Guigui deCam.
    Maand geleden

    Que lindinhos. Uia. Amei! Que vozes. Parabéns!

  21. Rhonda Darbouze
    Rhonda Darbouze
    Maand geleden

    This sister is an amazing talent The vibe of the full ensemble.... just WOW! Matthew the bass player is holding it down👌🏽

  22. tonks 98
    tonks 98
    Maand geleden

    I LOVE it! I usually don't listen to African music - but it's soo beautiful! What I love most about this is the quite intensive touch of human: I don't like music made by computers and stuff as much as music written and performed by perfectly imperfect songwriters! This is so special, thank you!

  23. august88837
    Maand geleden

    D vibes nice , I luv it beautiful music , yes we must bring up d child in right way , demidi

  24. Tom Barron
    Tom Barron
    Maand geleden

    Very nice work. Sound very good. 😎

  25. dpgcthang
    Maand geleden

    Strong music for a Sister from Guinea 🇬🇳 She’s singing mostly in Sousou and Fula. Has good messages too Wish you the best Natu Camara !

    1. claudiabehrent
      Maand geleden

      Nice to hear other languages on NPR again

  26. Damani Leidsman
    Damani Leidsman
    Maand geleden

    So beautiful!!

  27. Serena Williams
    Serena Williams
    Maand geleden

    The quality. *speechless*

  28. Galahd Sir
    Galahd Sir
    Maand geleden

    very good music

    1. Alain Labatut
      Alain Labatut
      6 dagen geleden

      brilliant voice and worderful people

  29. klaw
    Maand geleden