Nubya Garcia: Tiny Desk (Home) Concert

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The Tiny Desk is working from home for the foreseeable future. Introducing NPR Music's Tiny Desk (home) concerts, bringing you performances from across the country and the world. It's the same spirit - stripped-down sets, an intimate setting - just a different space.
September 16, 2020 | Suraya Mohamed -- Look to the left of Nubya Garcia's Tiny Desk (home) concert and you'll see a hanging plant swaying right above the keys. It never stops moving during the next 23 minutes, and it's for a bizarre reason. Garcia's (home) concert took place on a boat - a first in Tiny Desk history - because she was in between homes. Before the pandemic hit, the London-born jazz saxophonist and composer was booked for an extensive global tour that started in February 2020, and it was expected to continue through the end of the year. Because she was only going to be in London for a very short time, she gave up her flat, planning to stay with family and friends for short breaks. It seemed like a good idea until March, when COVID-19 shut down most of the world and the tour, too.
Garcia and her band are at Soup Studio, a recording facility built on a decommissioned floating lighthouse moored on the River Thames. It's also where Garcia recorded her excellent new album, SOURCE. This set features three songs from the record; the title track starts it off with a reggae, dub vibe. Garcia skillfully uses the entire range of her tenor saxophone, hitting convincing low and high notes with ease and resolve. Throughout the set, her tone is gorgeous, her musical intuition perfect. She projects rich and full melodic lines with refined solos that leave just enough space to take in the expressive sincerity of the music. There are no lyrics but her music conveys a message of staying grounded, being present in the moment and appreciating the comforts and feelings of what it means to be home.
"Boundless Beings"
Nubya Garcia: tenor saxophone: Joe Armon-Jones: keys; Daniel Casmir: double bass: Sam Jones: drums; Richie Seivwright: vocals; Cassie Kinoshi: vocals
Video by: Fabrice Bourgelle; Additional Cameras: Lou Jasmine, Israel Wilson; Audio by: David Holmes; Mixed by: Kwes at Soup Studio; Producer: Suraya Mohamed; Audio Mastering Engineer: Josh Rogosin; Video Producer: Morgan Noelle Smith; Executive Producer: Lauren Onkey; Senior VP, Programming: Anya Grundmann


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  2. Zainne Lima
    Zainne Lima
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    Que vídeo perfeito do carai

  3. Marianna Viana
    Marianna Viana
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    Nossa botei pra tocar assim por acaso só pra ser um som de fundo e acabei com um showzaçoooooo incrível!!!

  4. Julia Nader
    Julia Nader
    Dag geleden

    huuuuuge fan of Nubya!!!

  5. Dlara oficial
    Dlara oficial
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    Porra que sonzeira.

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  7. Freddy Again
    Freddy Again
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    NLlike positive side-effect algorythm brought me here. I knew her from Theon Cross and Son of Kemet. I am in love with this amazing production.

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    Every time I watch this I fall in love 🤍

  10. melodikas anonimos
    melodikas anonimos
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    Harika performans 🎵💯 Çok güzel çalıyorsunuz. 👏👏👏

  11. Andrew Conniff
    Andrew Conniff
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    ON A BOAT!!

  12. El Cruiser
    El Cruiser
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    Thank🙏🏽 You Tiny Desk For This!

  13. Diana Di Gennaro
    Diana Di Gennaro
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    Super Vibes!

  14. re:Animation rootS
    re:Animation rootS
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    Love it!

  15. LaKitta Woods
    LaKitta Woods
    8 dagen geleden

    Nubya and her band are amazingly talented. Props!!

  16. whitey tresor
    whitey tresor
    8 dagen geleden

    If Sade played sax.......

  17. Hermán Dániel
    Hermán Dániel
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    made my day

  18. Jez Jackson
    Jez Jackson
    9 dagen geleden

    Top quality sound recording. 👌

  19. Chloe Finley
    Chloe Finley
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    this is AMAZING

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  22. moka314159
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    I feel like I should be paying to watch that... been watching it over and over for too many times, it's beyond good, it's pure healing!

  23. CHiLL 6_6
    CHiLL 6_6
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    That Bass line is keeping the time, really amazing.

  24. CIRO
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    been waiting for this!

  25. Fausto Valle Jr
    Fausto Valle Jr
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    Such a good vibe!

  26. Enanti O'Dromia
    Enanti O'Dromia
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    She has a majestic demeanor to her when she is starting to play.

  27. Rui Marques Pinto
    Rui Marques Pinto
    18 dagen geleden

    Who is listening today This magnificent sax tenor.

  28. Juan David
    Juan David
    18 dagen geleden

    That final base line.

  29. Julianwinn
    19 dagen geleden

    Tight set, tight space. Great jazz.

  30. Sylvain
    19 dagen geleden

    I listened to literally 20sec and I knew that was gonna be amazing. AND THEY ARE RECORDING THIS ON A BOAT

  31. Hernan Alvarez
    Hernan Alvarez
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    Chingon !

  32. Sam Tallo
    Sam Tallo
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    OMFG. Heavy, heavy, heavy. I want to go there.

  33. carmensaify
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    Whaaaaaaat?! AMAZING! 👌🏽

  34. CJ N
    CJ N
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    the is FI-HIGHER

  35. BB SC
    BB SC
    23 dagen geleden

    Put this on and started to work out, then decided it's to good not to watch. WOW

    24 dagen geleden

    This was incredible, I didn’t want it to end

  37. Kellyn Wright
    Kellyn Wright
    24 dagen geleden

    Came for the plants, stayed for the good vibes

  38. wow whatamouthful
    wow whatamouthful
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    Good Morning towel. win liao lor

  39. Mark K
    Mark K
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    That drummer is amazing... wow

  40. juan
    26 dagen geleden

    un millón de pochoclos 5 estrellas

  41. legshakermaker1968
    27 dagen geleden

    Everyone is totally on it here, and I'm not talking about the boat! Stunning performances, coupled with immaculate sound engineering. What a joy.

  42. Anédio Izumi
    Anédio Izumi
    27 dagen geleden

    Que Maravilhoso!!! Que lindo!! Muitíssimo obrigado.. Que banda!!!

  43. Soy ruli
    Soy ruli
    28 dagen geleden

    11 minuts 4the same song its not good idea...

    1. Soy ruli
      Soy ruli
      26 dagen geleden

      @Ayshah JB of course i understand, but is tiny desk concert... all the artist play here play maybe 3 o 4 songs for the concept of this little mini concert, i only saying its bad idea use this type of long songs for a tiny desk.

    2. Ayshah JB
      Ayshah JB
      27 dagen geleden

      @Soy ruli Chameleon by Herbie Hancock is 15+ minutes, so is Voodoo Chile by Jimi Hendricks. In fact there is a whole list of longest popular songs on Spotify. Don't limit yourself.

  44. GoodnWise
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  46. Follower of The Way Maker
    Follower of The Way Maker
    Maand geleden

    I've seen and heard a lot of Tiny Desk concerts, but none better than this one.

  47. Ashley Richards
    Ashley Richards
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    This is one of my all time favorite Tiny Desk Concerts ❤

  48. David de Vasconcelos
    David de Vasconcelos
    Maand geleden

    when se speaks at the end is kind of waking up in a meditation session..

  49. Stefunky Punky
    Stefunky Punky
    Maand geleden

    What a machine of a drummer, seriously! I love his style. If I will reach half of his level one day, I will be proud!

  50. Nicolás Gabriel Perlini
    Nicolás Gabriel Perlini
    Maand geleden

    The drummer is on another level, love the moustache, beautifull music, new fan here

  51. nolwenn leroux
    nolwenn leroux
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    La classe

  52. Buddy Barber
    Buddy Barber
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    OMFG ... blown.

  53. Ydna yenoom
    Ydna yenoom
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    Did anyone else think for a second 'is that 50 cent on the double bass?'

    1. Ydna yenoom
      Ydna yenoom
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      Guess im cancelled now

    2. Daithi C
      Daithi C
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      Toxic 🤦

  54. luc07ry
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    Some one really likes house plants! I dig it.

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    OMG! this is hot. Yes, please.

  57. Thales Rodrigues
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  58. Jose Castaneda-Romero
    Jose Castaneda-Romero
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    I was fearing that fern would fall over the kb player anytime.

  59. Growing with the Seqqoÿas
    Growing with the Seqqoÿas
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    This is my FAVORITE tiny desk to date

  60. Man.
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    i need this version of Source on spotify. PLEASE SOMEONE

  61. майя якуц
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    Fortune Makgakga
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    thanks for putting me on to more female jazz artist i love to see this.

  69. Divera Recipes
    Divera Recipes
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    goosebumps! Love every single one of the instruments!! And the voices.... so relaxing... well done!

  70. Jasmine Stewart
    Jasmine Stewart
    Maand geleden

    Absolutely amazing, standing ovation from me. Encore Encore, bravo bravo. Thank you x

  71. Answer Question
    Answer Question
    Maand geleden

    Spirit of freedom, can you smell it through a monitor?!

  72. Lisa Draper
    Lisa Draper
    Maand geleden

    My soul is revived ❤️

  73. Dexter Daniels
    Dexter Daniels
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    Incredible music and beautiful vibe

  74. Jj Lopez
    Jj Lopez
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    Be sure and check out Nubya Garcia featured on Blue Note Records latest offering, Blue Note Reimagined!!

  75. Omphile Matsomela
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  76. Nhlanhla Zwane
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    Double Bass + Drums...Fire! Beautiful Performance

  77. The Pea Melonz
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  78. jmwaush530
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    Even the swinging plant is grooving 💃💃💃

  79. David Baron Stevens
    David Baron Stevens
    Maand geleden

    I hear a lot of Wayne Shorter in her playing. That's uncommon and I ♥ it I hear some Sun Ra too Well done, Miss Garcia The future looks bright for our art form 🤜

  80. David Baron Stevens
    David Baron Stevens
    Maand geleden

    Woah this is not at all what I expected when then song started. Beautiful, up down inside and out. New fan here

  81. Elenie Verou
    Elenie Verou
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    And the jazz is sensational!!!

  82. Luis Manuel Cardoso
    Luis Manuel Cardoso
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    Magnificent performance, great recording. What an experience!

  83. marco vinicio iacobelli
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  84. Ahmed Adam Hamidi
    Ahmed Adam Hamidi
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  85. Diego Lohe
    Diego Lohe
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  86. Gopi Sotto Mayor
    Gopi Sotto Mayor
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  87. Gopi Sotto Mayor
    Gopi Sotto Mayor
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    Best comment section on youtube 💙

  88. Dave Watson
    Dave Watson
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    British jazz at its best and hats off to the sound engineer for an incredible organic sound. Highly impressive!!

  89. B B
    B B
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    Absolutely stunning ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🤎🖤

  90. Rodney Harper
    Rodney Harper
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    Great job

  91. the King
    the King
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    what a beautiful Goddess

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    Regina Williams
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  95. Anthony Fox
    Anthony Fox
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  96. Keithe Haley
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    Never heard of nubya garcia before but my attention siezed immediately. By the way are those flowers real?

  97. Ricky Oneill
    Ricky Oneill
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    Yep..the plants hooked me

  98. L Sun
    L Sun
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    You are phenomenal!!!! Thank you so much for your music and golden vibes 🙏💥🏳️‍🌈✊☝️🙌🙇🏻‍♀️💕

  99. Michael Kiptoo Mwaniki
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